Secret Ancient Mantra to win Money in Games and Sports

In this post, I have written about a Secret Ancient Mantra to win money in Games and Sports, including lottery, Jackpots, sports betting, Satta, and Stock Market. This very rare and unknown Mantra is composed in the old Marathi script that is no longer spoken nowadays and it contains the name of Khandoba Dev who is believed to be another name of Lord Shiva.

The Mantra probably originates from Shabar Vidya and there is a specific Tantra for practicing this Mantra Experiment, which I have described in this post. The Mantra Experiment is very easy to practice and the practitioner gets a dream about the winning numbers, team, or the thing the practitioner wishes to bet upon.

However, I have to mention that one has to be very cautious in practicing this Mantra Prayog because not much is known about it, and as mentioned above it could be dedicated to Khandoba Dev who is the Kuladevta or Family Deity of a large number of people in Maharashtra.
Secret Marathi Mantra to Win Money

The Vidhi of practicing this Mantra Experiment has been given below:
1] I have not come across any Siddhi Sadhana for this Mantra and hence, it can be considered to be a Swyam Siddh Mantra.

2] The Mantra Experiment can be started on any day and the practitioner should take any five fresh flowers of any variety and apply Lal Sindoor or Red Vermillion on these flowers and keep some Gud or Jaggery next to them and look at the flowers and Jaggery chant the Mantra given blow 27 times and keep the flowers and Jaggery in a clean place in his home. The Flowers and Jaggery should be immersed in flowing water afterward.

|| जलखिल्ल तलखिल्ल शेंद्राभरला दगड नवलाख पायरी खंडोबा देव जालंदर वाचा दे दे दे खीं खीं खीं स्वप्नी सांग नाम हुं फट् हुं फट् ||
|| Jalakhilla Talkhilla Shendraabharla Dagad Navalakh Paayari Khandoba Dev Jaalandar Vacha De De De Kheem Kheem Kheem Swapni Sang Naam Hum Phat Hum Phat ||

3] The practitioner will see the winning numbers, horse, sports team, or stocks in a dream. This is a one-time Mantra Prayog that can be practiced as and when needed.

Notes: The Hindi video of this Ancient Shabar Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Satta-Matka Ka Lottery Ka Ank Sapno Me Dekhne Ka Prachin Mantra

Information about this Mantra has been given only because it is a rare, unknown, and secret Mantra and not to advocate its practice.

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