Yantra for Unexpected Luck and Amazing Fortune

If you are struggling to make any headway in your career or business or unable to get success in anything that you do, you can make use of this amazing Yantra, which will give you remarkable success in fulfilling your wishes and desires from unimaginable or unexpected sources about which you never imagined.

This is a very powerful ancient Indian Charm, which has also been attributed with the supernatural powers of making the practitioner forget his worries and tensions and be able to focus more clearly on his work or the tasks and jobs, he has to complete. In an article written many years back, I described this unique Yantra as a worries and tensions removal charm. Still, new information about Yantra was recently discovered by me in an ancient work on Yantra Shastra.

The procedure of making and using the Chintamani Yantra:
The Chintamani Yantra can be prepared on any day in the morning after bathing and wearing fresh clothes. The practitioner should pray to Lord Ganesha and his Ishta Devta and make the Yantra shown in the image on a Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha Paste or on white paper using a red ink pen.

Yantra for Good Fortune

Then, the Chimtamani Yantra should be worshiped by performing Panchopchar Puja, which is lighting incense and an oil lamp and offering Gandham, Flowers, and Bhog of Sweets to the Yantra. After this, the Yantra should be inserted in a locket and worn around the neck or kept in the pocket or purse.

This happiness-giving Yantra will start working quickly and if by chance it gets damaged it should be immersed in a river or lake and another similar Yantra can be made and used in its place.

Notes: The Hindi video of this Good Luck Giving Charm can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Unapekshit Tarike Se Bhagya Chamakane Ka Yantra Upay

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  2. Neel sir,
    Just want to confirm the last row box is filled with hindi word instead of number, is this correct?

  3. Thank you Guruji for this wonderful yantra 🙏 I am in very different problem need your help Guruji. Please let me know how to contact you in person or email and get solution for my problem

    1. You can ask your queries through the comments section.

    2. Need child custody as my daughter is stuck with my husband and m not getting divorce also Guruji. It's been 6 yrs since marriage n going through tough phase. Which mantra to chant to get my daughter back she is 5 yrs

    3. Get a job , go to some meditation classes and maybe show the court you're in condition to equally take care of your child and you can share custody , you're mentally and financially fine.... You say your daughter is stuck so I'm guessing this is your fault... Or just wait till she reaches legal age until she really wants you to accept her as her daughter...

  4. We are blessed to born in the Era of yours. We learn so much from you and finding solutions to our problems. Extremely thank ful Guruji

  5. Neelji, I remain surrounded by family in the morning, so, May I prepare and do all the process in evening's meditation time? Please allow the flexibility of time.

    1. Yes, if it is unavoidable you can practice in the evening.

  6. Do we really need sandalwood powder and sweets ? Where I'm from we don't have the powder .

    Do I have to go and make sweet or a vege chocolate or milk fudge can work ?

    What do we do after we offer the sweet? Throw it away ? Garbage it ?
    I don't understand.


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