Powerful Success and Problem Solving Mantras

In this post, I have written about three very effective Success and Problem-Solving Mantras that can be very useful for everyone because they instantly make the atmosphere vibrant and positive, which makes everything favorable, which removes all problems and gives success in anything.

1] Chinatamani Problem Solving Mantra: This Miraculous Mantra is called Sarva Karya Siddhi Chintamani Mantra, which fulfills even the most difficult wishes of the practitioner and eradicates the most trying problems.

The Mantra has to be chanted 21, 000 times during the period of the Chaitra Navratri or Sharad Navratri or the Gupt Ashad and Paush Navratri. The practitioner has to maintain celebrity, consume Satvik or Pure Vegetarian Food, and refrain from criticizing anyone, gossiping, or getting angry because these are mostly Tamas Guni Qualities. The practitioner can use a Rudraksha Jaap Mala or any other preferred counting rosary.

|| ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं भगवती चिन्तामणि सर्वार्थ सिद्धिं देहि देहि स्वाहा ||
|| Om Hreem Shreem Bhagwati Chintamani Sarvartha Siddhim Dehi Dehi Swaha ||

After Gaining Siddhi over the Mantra: The practitioner should chant the Mantra 108 times every day to fulfilling all his wishes, hopes, and aspirations or remove problems and difficulties.
Powerful Success Mantras

1] Mantra to Remove Problems by makes all Persons Favorable: This is a powerful Vashikaran Mantra and some other versions of this Mantra are also practiced. This Mantra has to be Siddh by chanting it 1000 times during the Four Navratri mentioned earlier in this post.

|| ॐ नमः कन्दर्प शर विजालिनी मालिनी सर्व लोक वशं करी स्वाहा||
|| Om Namah Kandarp Shar Vijaalini Malini Sarva Lok Vashan Kari Swaaha ||

How to practice this Vashikaran Mantra: The practitioner should chant it 11 times immediately upon waking up in the morning in his bed and then put only put his feet on the ground. This will make everyone favorable and remove all problems and difficulties.

Tried and Tested Mantra to Remove Problems from the Government or other Authorities: This Mantra is easy to practice and it does not have to be Siddh by reciting a fixed number of times. The practitioner can chant the Mantra as much as he likes when he is trying to get success in any work or task connected to the government or even his boss or employer. There are no specific rules connected to this Mantra Chant and it can be chanted whenever the need is experienced during the day or night or while doing work.

|| ॐ श्रीं श्रीं ॐ ॐ श्रीं श्रीं हुँ फट् स्वाहा ||
|| Om Shreem Shreem Om Om Shreem Shreem Hum Phat Swaha ||

Notes: Many such effective and beneficial Mantra Chants can be seen in the Section Prophet666.com: All Kinds of Prayers and Mantras.


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