Prosperity Packet and other Paranormal Remedies for Money

In this post, I have written about simple and easy-to-practice Totke or Paranormal Remedies to get money and wealth or to resolve problems connected to them, like the recovery of money. These are simple time-tested Indian Home Remedies that have been practiced and are still being practiced by many followers of Hindu Tantra Shastra.

Prosperity Packet for the Wallet, Purse, or Money-Safe:
This is a simple, yet very effective paranormal Indian Remedy to instantly start generating vibrations that will attract money and wealth. The Remedy is free from any Tantric Rules and it does not need to be energized with a Mantra or Prayer. Hence, this remedy is suitable for everyone who is short of cash or wishes to become rich and prosperous.

How to Practice this Remedy:
The practitioner should take some red Vermillion or Kumkum or Sindoor. Though there is a slight difference in the composition of Kumkum and Sindoor, both are extensively used in Hindu Rituals, hence, the practitioner can use any one of them and add 2-3 small Kapur or Camphor tablets to it and burn it to ask. The ash should be kept inside a packet or Pudi of white paper and kept inside the wallet, purse, or money cupboard, or if the practitioner has a shop or office, he can keep it in the cash counter or safe.

The practitioner can also make more than one prosperity packet and keep them in all the places in his house, shop, office, or business premises. The Hindi video of this article can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Paison Ko Kheenchne Ke Liye Is Pudi Ko Apne Purse Ya Tijori Me Rakhen

Prosperity Packet Money Remedy

Simple Paranormal Remedy to Recover Money: This a very simple and easy-to-practice Udhari Vasool Karne Ka Totka or Paranormal Remedy to Recover Loans. If you have given a loan to anyone or invested money and are not getting it back or if you wish to recover bad debts, this uncomplicated remedy is very suitable for you.

The Procedure for Practising This Remedy:
 Before leaving his home, shop, or office to recover money, the practitioner should take 21 Laung or Cloves and keep them on the ground and then press them with his right foot and then go to your debtor's home or office without looking back over your shoulder.

Simple Remedy to get Money, Wealth, and Peace; Place a Lakshmi-Ganesha Photo in your home and mentally worship the Goddess of Wealth, This will resolve all issues connected to money, wealth, and property and give you peace, prosperity, and happiness.

A remedy to Remove Negative Energy or Vastu Dosh from Business Premises:
If you suspect that there is a Vastu Dosh or some or other kind of paranormal defect in your shop, office, or business place you should do Shankhnaad daily for 2-3 minutes. This is a very effective time-tested method of cleansing a place of negative energies.

Note: Money and Wealth Attracting Remedies can be seen in the Section Paranormal Remedies for Attracting Money and Wealth.


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