Potent Hindu Mantra to Instantly Remove Rage and Anger

In this post, have described a Potent Hindu Mantra Chant to Control and Remove Anger. This Mantra has been composed using Powerful Tried and Tested Beej Mantras that have the strength to instantly attract positive vibrations from the atmosphere and calm down the mind and remove rage, bitterness, resentment, irritation, and other negative emotions from the mind of the practitioner.

Anger messes up your mind and body and leaves the door wide open for all kinds of diseases, disorders, and sickness to enter your mind and body. People who regularly experience outbursts of uncontrollable rage are most likely to suffer from insomnia, restlessness, depression, anxiety disorder, high rate of breathing, heart diseases, blood pressure, chronic headaches, stomach disorders, indigestion, and many other health problems.
Powerful Hindu Mantra to Instantly Remove Anger

Another side effect of Rage, Anger, and similar emotions is that they attract negative, harmful, and low vibrations, which leave the angry person vulnerable to the dangers posed by invisible energies and vibrations, like spirits, evil eye, curses, and black magic spells.

How to Chant the Mantra to Remove Anger: There is no Anushtan or complicated ritual associated with the Mantra and it is not dedicated to any particular Hindu Deity. Hence, rules regarding special prayers, direction, sitting mat, and counting rosary do not apply to this Mantra. This Mantra does not have to be Siddh, hence, it can be termed as a Swyam Siddh Mantra to Control Rage and Anger.

The Mantra can be chanted for 10 minutes daily, if suffering from long-term or chronic rage and continuously if experiencing rage and anger.

|| ॐ क्लीं क्रीं क्रूं क्रोध नाशाय फट् ||
|| Om Kleem Kreem Kroom Krodh Naashaaya Phat ||

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Notes: The Hindi video of the Mantra to Remove Rage and Anger can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Shaktishali Krodh Nashak Mantra

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