Interesting Description of Time and Infinity in Hinduism

In this post, I have written about some very interesting descriptions of Time or Kaal Gyan, which can give laypersons an insight into the true nature of infinity. These are very brief descriptions of Hindu Time Cycles and do not describe infinity because it is beyond description.

A Sanskrit verse that appears in an ancient Hindu Scripture and its meaning are given below, which can throw light on the nature of Time and infinity and its relation to the Hindu Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and how they influence Kaal or Time to Create, Preserve and Dissolve.

Hindu Cycles of Time

कालो हि भगवान् विष्णुः स्वयं कालो महेश्वरः |
ब्रह्मापि कालरूपी च वर्तन्ते कालसंज्ञया ||

Kalo Hi Vishnuah Swyam Kalo Maheshwarah |
Brahmaapi Kaalrupi Cha Vartante Kaalasamgyayaa ||

Meaning of this verse: Kaal [ Time ] is Directly Lord Vishnu and Shiva Himself and Brahma is Kaal. These Three Forces, which Create, Protect, and Annihilate the Universe influence Kaal to Create All Happenings.

These Three Forces of Creation, Preservation or Protection, and Dissolution or Destruction; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva influence Time and space and cause actions and reactions, which are broadly categorized as create, preserve, and destroy. These Forces as the verse describes are directly Time and Infinity. 

Some Important Hindu Definitions of Time:
1] One month of Humans is equal to One Ahoratra or One Day and Night of Pitra or Ancestors. Krishna Paksha or the Dark Fortnight as per the Hindu Almanac is the day of Pitras and Shukla Paksha or the Bright Half is the night of Pitras. Hence, all Karma or rituals connected to Pitras are performed during the Krishna Paksha.

2] One Year of Humans is equal to One Ahoratra of Gods or Heavenly Beings. The Day of Gods are called Uttarayan and the Night Dakshinayan.

3] Four Thousand Years of Gods is equivalent to Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga or the Age of Truth, also called the Golden Age. Three Thousand Years of Gods equals Treta Yuga. Two Thousand Years of Human equals Dwapara Yuga. Ten Thousand Years of Gods is equivalent to the Age of Darkness or Kali Yuga, which we are experiencing at this moment. 

4] When these Four Yugas are completed 12,000 times,  One Yuga of Dev Loka or Gods is completed. When One Thousand Yugas are completed One Day of Brahma is completed and another One Thousand Yugas for One Night of Brahma to be completed.

4] One Day of Brahma creates 14 Indra or the Kings of Heaven. The Life Span of Brahma also concludes at some point in Time. These are not the complete Cycles of Time because Time is endless and infinite and the Time Cycles described above are just a flash in Infinity, which cannot be described and will always remain the unknown, when it becomes known, what is not known will be the unknown.

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