Indian Epiphytic Tantra Remedies for Money and Wealth

The Epiphytic is a Parasite Plant growing on a Host Tree, which is called Banda in Hindi. These Parasite Plants as explained in earlier posts published some years back are known to possess magical and supernatural properties that enable them to attract some specific kind of energies that can fulfill various purposes, including gain of money and wealth or destruction of negative and harmful forces.

Banda Tantra for Money and Prosperity

Ancient Hindu Tantra Shastra and Vanaspati Tantra have described that the Epiphytic Plants can prove to be powerful talismans if they are procured during a specific Muhurat, like the periods of Nakshatra or Constellations or on the day of a specific Hindu festival according to the Hindu Panchang.

In this post, I have written about how to unlock the paranormal powers of some Epiphytic Plants for the gain of money, wealth, and property. These remedies originate from authentic ancient Hindu Scriptures and will give quick results if they are practiced with faith and confidence.

Epiphytic of Tamrind Tree: The Imli Ke Ped Ka Banda as this Parasite Plant is called in Hindu should be obtained during the period of the Pushya Nakshatra or the Constellation Delta Cancri and worshipped by lighting incense and oil lamp before it and chanting a small prayer to your Ishta Devta of Favourite God or Goddess.

Then it should be wrapped in a new red cloth and kept in the safe or place where you keep your money and valuables. This is a powerful Lakshmi Prapti Upay or Remedy to Attract Money and Every Kind of Wealth.

Semel Tree Epiphytic: This Tree is also called Bombax Ceiba and the practitioner should obtain a Bandha growing of this tree during the period of the Uttara Phalguni or the Constellation Beta Leonis and keep it in a new clean cloth and hide it in a secret place in your house.

Ber or Indian Plum Tree Epiphytic: The Banda growing on the Ber or Indian Plum Tree should be procured during the period of the Swati Nakshatra or Constellation and used to attract money and wealth in the same manner described above.

Gular or Cluster Fig Tree Epiphytic:
This Banda should be obtained on any day and worshipped as above and kept in the Puja-Ghat or Altar to attract the flow of money and wealth into the house.

Palash Tree or Butea monosperma Tree Banda: The Epiphytic growing on this tree must be procured on the day of the festival of Holi and worshipped and then kept in the safe or the place where food grains are kept to attract the flow of money and food into the house.

Harsingar or Parijat Tree Epiphytic: This Epiphytic should be brought home during the Magha Nakshatra or Constellation Regulus and kept in the home for a gain of prosperity.

Bahera Tree of Terminalia bellirica Plant Epiphytic: This Banda should be obtained on a Monday during the period of the Aslesha Nakshatra or Constellation Alpha Hydroe and used as described above.

Note: Readers can see more such Supernatural Indian Remedies for Gain of Wealth and Prosperity in the section Paranormal Remedies for Money Gain.


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