Hindu Healing Mantra for Vata Dosha

In this post, I have written about a Hindu Healing Mantra to get relief from Vata Dosha. Vata Rog or Disorder is a broad term to describe diseases and disorders connected to chronic pain of the bones, joints, and muscles. Vatavyadhi or Disorders caused due to Vata Dosha, include gout and rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, spondylitis, and other skeletal and muscular pain in the knees, back, spine, feet, and other places.

Hindu Healing Mantra for Relief from Vata Rog

These Musculoskeletal Disorders and the pain and discomfort cause mental problems, like tension, depression, lethargy, and a feeling of helplessness. There are numerous Home Remedies and Medical Treatments prescribed for these conditions. The Healing Mantra described in this post can be very effective in relieving people suffering from Vata Dosha.

Siddhi Sadhana for the Vata Rog Nivaran Mantra: 1] The Mantra Sadhana should be commenced in the period of a Grahan Kaal, which means during any Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The Healing Mantra should be chanted 10, 000 times using a Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosary. The Mantra must be chanted continuously and it does not matter if Mantra Chanting exceeds the period of the Eclipse.

|| रां रीं रूं रः ||
|| Ram Reem Room Rah ||

2] Those who find it challenging to use a counting rosary can use a counting counter to count the number of Mantra Chants.

How to use the Mantra to get relief from Vata Rog: After getting Siddhi over the Healing Mantra, the practitioner can heal himself and others who are affected by the Vata Rog. The Healing process should be done for 7 days in a row. The practitioner should chant the Mantra 21 times and then blow his breath over his hands and lightly move them over the body parts that are affected by Vata Rog.

Notes: Information about this Healing Mantra to get relief from Vata Dosha has been given for sharing information about Hindu Healing Mantras and if any person wishes to practice it he can do so along with his medicines and medical treatment.

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  1. Do u have any Hindu mantra for Pitta dosh? Mental disorders for ADHD/Memory Loss/Mental blocks? Pls help 🙏

  2. I guess this must be done in one sitting? Since solar eclipses only last for a while , how do we start ? How do we even know if siddhi was attained ? Correct time period ? The next solar eclipse is October 14th. So ?

    1. Please reply , eclipse in a few days? One sitting or can continue after ?

    2. Important to start in eclipse, can continue after that, should be done in one sitting.

    3. Will post results , eclipse next week April 8th can work right?

    4. Does it have to be done during the eclipse or can be done within in the same day but like after eclipse is finish, will the energy still be around ?
      Or let's say I'm at work and I started 5 mala , can I continue it after work or it must be done , must be done at 1 sitting ?
      Sorry for asking again

    5. Started during eclipse and continued after the period of the eclipse, with breaks only for essential work.


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