Six Potent Upay for Money and Success

In this post, I have described six traditional Indian Upay or Paranormal Home Remedies that can be practiced to resolve problems connected to money, wealth, or business. These are simple but potent Home Remedies that can be termed tried and tested remedies for overcoming money problems.

1] Upay for Increase in Wealth and Property:
This Remedy should be practiced on a Purnima or Full Moon Day in the morning. The practitioner should take a large leaf of the Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree and write Ram-राम on it in Hindi, English, or any other language with Sandalwood Paste.

Then, he should take the Peepal Leaf and one Besan Ladoo and go to a Temple of Hanuman and keep the Besan Ladoo on the Leaf and place it in front of the idol of Lord Hanuman. This Totka should be practiced just once in secrecy and the practitioner should not tell anyone about it.

2] Upay to Increase Sales or Turnover of Shop or Business:
This Upay should be done on a Friday, the practitioner should take a red colored cotton cloth and keep three coins of one rupee or any equivalent currency if you do not reside in India and a coconut on the red cloth and prepare a bundle by tying it with a red thread.

Then, the practitioner should draw a Swastika on the red cloth with Haldi or Turmeric Paste and hang the bundle with a thread in any corner of the outer door frame of the shop or office.
Remedies for Money, Wealth and Business

3] Upay to Remove Arthik Tangi or Money Shortage:
This Paranormal Remedy should be practiced for 21 Fridays in secrecy without telling anyone that you are practicing it. The practitioner should give Kheer to five small girls to eat, the Kheer should contain powdered Khadi Shakkar / Mishri or Rock Candy, instead of Sugar. This Upay invokes Goddess Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and hence the practitioner should remember the Goddess while offering the Kheer to the girls. 

The lady of the house can participate in this remedy if the practitioner is a man and finds it difficult to prepare the Kheer and invite the girls to his home. 

4] Upay for Karz Mukti or Removal of Debts:
This Totka should be practiced on a Thursday, the practitioner should invite a married woman to his home and offer her excellent vegetarian food and give her gifts of a Gajra or Garland of Flowers, Nail Polish, a Packet of Kumkum or Sindoor, a Packet of Bindi and a Red Colored Ribbon. This remedy can be practiced by the lady of the house if the practitioner is a man.

5] Upay for Success in Anything: While leaving the house for important work, the practitioner should take a few Sarson or Mustard Seeds in his right hand and rotate them five times in a clockwise manner around his head and throw them in the north direction and then go for his work.

6] Upay for Increase the Ability to Take Decisions: This Upay can be practiced anytime the practitioner has to make any important decision or make a difficult choice.

He should take a Cardamom or Elaichi in his right hand and chant the Ganesh Mantra || Om Gam Ganapataye Namah || || ॐ गं गणपतये नमः || five times and then eat the Cardamom and then take the decision or make the choice.

Note: Readers can see the sections Paranormal Remedies and Remedies for Gain of Money and Wealth for many more such interesting Indian Supernatural Remedies.


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