Hanuman Upay for Removing All Problems

Hanuman is the Hindu God most people turn to whenever they are facing some kind of problem, difficulty, danger, or threat for divine protection. In this post, I have written about simple remedies for removing enemies and negative energies and for safety from accidents and mishaps that are dedicated to Hanuman.

These are popular Indian Paranormal Remedies for getting the divine protection of Hanuman in removing aal problems and they will give quick results if practiced with faith in Lord Hanuman.

1] Hanuman Chalisa Prayog to Remove an Enemy from Your Life:
This is a tried and tested traditional Indian Upay or Remedy, which can be termed as a Shatru Ucchatan Upay or Remedy to Uproot and Throw Away an Enemy from your Life.

This Paranormal Remedy, which makes use of the most potent frequencies generated by the Sacred Hanuman Chalisa will give fast results if it is practiced with devotion in Hanuman and if your demand is just and fair because Hanuman will never help anyone with unjust and harmful motives.

The Method of Practicing this Hanuman Chalisa Remedy is as follows:
This Mantra Prayog should be practiced in a temple of Hanuman. If that is not possible, you can practice it before an idol or photograph of Hanuman in your home.

The practitioner should worship Hanuman and offer a Naivedya of Gud and Chana or Roasted Chickpeas and Jaggery to Lord Hanuman and take a Sankalp or Pledge that you wish to remove the enemy or enemies from your life.

Then, the practitioner should sit down and chant the Hanuman Chalisa once with complete concentration and then keep some Pure Kapur or Camphor in a Thali and keep a Jaiphal or Nutmeg and Two Loung or Clover on the Camphor and light it before the idol or photograph of Hanuman.

2] Simple Remedy for Safety for Mishaps and Accidents: This is a very simple paranormal remedy that can be practiced by accident prone people or people who are going through a challenging phase in life, which is filled with accidents.

This Upay should be practiced on a Tuesday and the practitioner should visit a temple of Lord Hanuman and pray to Hanuman to keep him safe and secure from any kind of accident or mishap and then keep a Small Box Lal Sindoor or Red Vermilion in front of the idol or protograph of Hanuman and go back to his home.

3] Effective Hanuman Mantras to Remove Any Difficulty: Anyone suffering from enemy or legal problems or problems from invisible energy like ghosts-spirits, evil-eye, curses, or unknown problems can chant any one of the two Hanuman Mantras given below 108 times every day for getting the divine protection of Hanuman. These are fast working Mantras that can remove even the most challenging problems or unknown threats faced by the practitioner.

Hanuman Mantras to Remove any problem

|| ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः||
|| Om Shri Hanumate Namah ||

|| ॐ हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट् ||
|| Om Ham Hanumate Rudratmakaya Hum Phat ||

Note: Readers can see the sections Prophet666.com: Mantras of Hanuman and Tantra to Remove Enemies for all kinds of self-protection remedies and Atma Raksha Mantras and Prayers.


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