Yantra for Full Protection and Safety from Any Danger

In this post, I have written about an extremely potent Suraksha Yantra, which acts like a Commando or Personal Body Guard to give complete security and protection to the wearer or user of the Yantra from any danger or threat. This Yantra can prove to be a boon for the followers of Yantra Shastra who are looking for a powerful paranormal solution to fulfill all their needs.

The method of making and using this Miraculous Sampurna Raksha Yantra is very simple and easy and hence its power can be harnessed by any sincere follower of Hindu Yantra Shastra to get total security from accidents, enemies, hidden enemies, riots, thieves, and robbers.

The technique of making and using this Sampurna Suraksha Yantra is described below:

1] The Practitioner can make the Yantra can be made on any day in the morning after bathing and wearing fresh clothes on a White Piece of Paper with a Purple Ink Pen or Marker. The numbers can be written in English, Hindi, or any other script in any order.

Total Protection Yantra

2] After preparing the Yantra it must be worshiped and incense and an oil lamp should be lit in front of it and the practitioner should sincerely worship his Ishta Devta and the Deity of the Raksha Yantra and seek their blessings and pray for divine protection.

3] The Yantra can be put in a metal locket and worn around the neck for complete protection of the self or it can be put inside the safe or money box or money purse to prevent theft. The Yantra can also be given to a loved one or family member to protect them from all kinds of threats and dangers.

The Hindi video of this Yantra for Total Protection can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Shaktishali Sampoorna Raksha Yantra

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