Easy Totka for Getting Decision in your Favor

If you are expecting an important decision from a Panchayat, then, I will explain a most simple to practice Totka. Panchayat is a local body that governs a village, its decisions are still important in rural regions of India and some other countries, especially in matters related to land and property.

 In the context of this easy to practice paranormal remedy, the term Panchayat can include equivalent local bodies or co-operative bodies, which have some authority and their decisions are important.

I you are expecting the kind of decision mentioned above then you have to take  a little amount of 5 different kinds of  Dal  [lentils/ beans/ pulses] and keep then in your pocket,

Then, when you go to the place where the decision is going to be taken, you have to secretly sprinkle some of the Dal in your pocket in that area and the area that surrounds the place.

5 different kinds of Dal for use in a paranormal remedy ot Totka
5 different kinds of Dal

The rest of the Dal should be kept in your pocket and after you go back to your home, you have to immerse the remaining Dal in a water body.

Practicing the most simple Totka is said to get any decision taken by such a body or its equivalent  either in you favor or suitable to you.

Note- This is a standalone Bina Mantra-Yantra Ka Upay,

If you wish you can attempt this paranormal remedy for getting success in court cases or any other legal matters. 


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