Totke for Graha Peeda and Getting Job

In this post, I have described 2 useful Totke or paranormal remedies for getting relief from malefic planets or problems related to planet and for finding a suitable job or any form of reasonable employment. Both these Totke are similar in nature, except for a couple of simple variations.

The first vaaition can be practice by those who are jobless or trying to find a new job, the second Totka is for those who wish to get relief from astrological problems related to the planets.

Totka for getting a Job or any other form of employment
The Totka given below has to be practiced for 7 Saturday continuously without taking a break.

1] Prepare 7 wet Diyas from Cow Dung [Gile Gobar Ke Diye] and put Sarson Ka Tel[Mustard Oil] in these 7 Diyas and 7 Cotton Wicks and Light them and leave them in a body of flowing water, like a river, sea or a canal.

This simple Totka, is said to aid the practitioner in getting a suitable job or any other form of reasonable employment.

Totka for getting relief from inauspicious planetary transit and Graha Dosha
The same Totka is also practiced for getting relief from malefic planets, including severe Graha Dosha or Peeda like Shani or Mangal Dosha or Peeda, which is causing problems in the life of the practitioner and his family.

The only variation is that the Diya should be the normal Mitti Ka Diya instead of the Gobar Ka Diya and an Utara has to be done by rotating all the 7 Diyas in a clockwise manner around yourself 7 times and then leaving them in flowing water.


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