Good Luck Charm for Getting Job Promotion

In this post, I will explain the procedure of making a Special Taweez or Good luck Charm for getting a  Promotion in the Job or Work-Place. This paranormal remedy greatly increases the success chances of the practitioner in scoring over his rivals or competitors and ultimately getting the promotion.

This is a standalone remedy from the Kak Tantra, which can be practiced as it is without the need of chanting any Sloka or Mantra.

This Totka can be started on any day, be following the procedure given below:

1] For 1 week, feed sweetened rice to crows, the rice can be cooked by mixing some sugar with the rice.

2] When, the crows come to eat the rice, they are likely to fight or jostle with each other and in the process they are likely to leave behind some small feathers.

3] The practitioner has to pick up only those feather, which are of a whitish or lighter shade and take them back to his home.

4] Then, the practitioner should immerse the feathers in some honey and remove them from the honey after some time.

5] He should then, melt some wax and dip the feathers in the wax and prepare a small thread from the feathers.

6] This thread has to be worn on the upper or lower right arm like a Tabeez, while making the application for promotion in the job or while taking part in a text, exams or interview for job promotion.

The thread, will act like a good luck charm and enhance the chances of success in getting the job promotion.

Note- More such related remedies can be seen in various other sections of this site, including the Paranormal Remedies Money Section.


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