Six Most Beneficial Diyas for Dhanteras

The Festival of Deepavali will commence in a few days and this year most people will be fully celebrating Diwali after a gap of two years as all restrictions and curbs have been lifted. Dhanteras, one of the most auspicious days per the Hindi Calendar, falls on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2022. In this post, I will explain the immense benefits of lighting six Diyas or Lamps on Dhantrayodashi.

Dhantrayodashi is a most powerful Tithi for the worship of the Hindu God of Health and Medicine Dhanvantari and the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity Lakshmi Devi. Diwali is also called The Festival of Lights and I have described the tremendous benefits of lighting six lamps on this day.

In case, the practitioner is unable to light all the six lights described in this post, he can light the first three Diyas because they are lit inside and outside the house, and hence, it is very easy for the practitioner.
Six Most Beneficial Diyas for Dhanteras

1] Diya in the Puja Ghar: Light a Diya of Sarson Ka Tel or Til K Tel, Mustard Oil or Sesame Oil in your Place of Worship or Altar in the morning and evenings on Dhanteras. This will attract all kinds of wealth, including money and the most potent positive vibrations that will remove ill-health and sickness from the house and give good health to all the residents of the household.

2] Diyas outside the Main Door of the House: Light two Diyas of either Mustard Oil or Sesame Oil on both sides of the main door of the house. This will attract positive vibrations and remove every kind of negativity from the house, including evil eyes, curses, black magic spells, evil spirits, and harmful unseen entities.

3] Diya for the blessings of Yama Deva:
This Diya of Mustard Oil or Sesame Oil should be lit outside the main door, facing the South Direction. This is a Diya to appease Yama, The Hindu God of Death, to avoid untimely death or sudden demise of the household members.

4] Diya Under a Sacred Fig or Peepal Tree: This Diya of Sarson or Til Ka Tel should be lighted on the evening of Dhanteras to seek the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi Devi and gain all kinds of wealth and prosperity. According to Hindu Beliefs, Lakshmi Devi is always present in a Peepal Tree, and hence, worshipping a Peepal Tree is very beneficial in pleasing Lakshmi Mata.

5] Diya Under a Bael Tree: This Diya of Mustard or Sesame Oil should be lit on the night of Dhanteras to remove problems related to the shortage of money and other financial problems.

6] Diya in a Shamshan Bhoomi: This Sarson or Til ke Tel Ka Diya should be lit in a Shamshan Bhoomi on the night of Dhantrayodashi to appease Lakshmi Mata and attract immense wealth and prosperity.

Notes: The Hindi video of this post on the importance of Diyas on Dhantrayodashi can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Diwali Me Dhanteras Par Prajwalit Karne Chhe Ke Diye

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  1. Dear Neel sir..the above lighting of diyas,mainly the first 3 diyas,one in pooja room and the other 2 at the entrance of the house..sir,is all this something that we can only do or must do on dhanteras prior to diwali or we can do so on all other days and any days,for the sake of better goodness in the family.
    Further sir,sorry for posing this question.
    Please do guide sir...

    1. It is recommended for Dhanteras, but, you can do it on other days as well.


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