Vishnu Mantra to Uncover Secrets of the Universe

In this post, I have written about a very simple but most powerful Shri Vishnu Mantra for uncovering the secrets of the Universe or Brahma Gyan and to know the real essence or deeper meaning behind the Four Veda, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and the Atharvaveda, which are the most ancient and holiest Hindu Religious Scriptures.

Brahmavidya is the knowledge of the Universe and to gain knowledge of Brahmavidya is an attempt to uncover the unknown secrets hidden inside the Universe or Creation. This is said to be impossible because it has been said time and again by some very advanced philosophers and spiritualists that the unknown can never be known because when someone knows it then it becomes known and the unknown still remains. However, spiritualists and seekers can keep on evolving by trying to gain Brahma Vidya. 

Most spiritualists attempt lengthy and difficult Mantra Sadhanas to get knowledge of Brahma Vidya and some succeed in their efforts. However, those wishing for a simple and uncomplicated, yet, most powerful alternative can try the Mantras given by me in this post.

The Mantra given in this post is based upon two Names of Lord Vishnu, माधव / Madhava, and गोविदांपति / Govindampati, which are described in the 1000 Names of Shri Vishnu or the Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam. These Vishnu Mantras as stated in some earlier posts vibrate with the highest forms of Universal Energies and have a very deep meaning and purpose attached to them. Hence, these Mantras can be chanted to achieve specific purposes and motives.
Vishnu Mantras to Uncover Secrets of the Universe

How to chant these Vishnu Mantras: 1] The Vishnu Mantras given below should be chanted like a single Mantra for about 5-10 minutes or more days after visualizing the Cosmic Form of Lord Vishnu.

ॐ माधवाय नमः ||
Om Madhavaya Namah ||
ॐ गोविदां पतये नमः ||
Om Govindaam Pataye Namah ||

2] The practitioner can chant the Mantra mentally or verbally or if desired for a fixed number of days by taking a simple pledge to do so.

3] There are no specific rules associated with this Vishnu Mantra, however, the practitioner should have burning desires emitting from the deepest part of his subconscious to know the secrets of the Universe.

Notes; The Hindi video of this Shri Vishnu Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Brahma Vidya Aur Vedon Ka Gyan Paane Ka Shri Vishnu Mantra.

Mantras of Lord Vishny and his Ten Manifestations can be seen in the Section: Mantras of Lord Vishnu.


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