Goddess Gauri and Narayana Mantra for Fulfilling Wishes

Even though I have in numerous earlier posts given all kinds of wish and desire fulfillment Mantras of almost all Hindu Deities, I have still described two such miraculous Mantras of Lord Narayana and the Divine Mother Goddess Gauri because both these Mantras are extremely effective and can easily connect the practitioner with the Universal Energy or Brahmand Ki Urja. 

Both these powerful Mantras can make everything appear possible and within the reach of the practitioner and even create miracles.

Goddess Gauri Mantra to fulfill all aspirations: The Goddess Gauri is a Form of the Adi Shakti Parvati Mata and worshipping her has the same effects as worshiping Parvati. This is a very strong and fast-working Mool Mantra of Goddess Gauri for the fulfillment of even the most difficult desires and removal of the most severe problems and dangers.
Goddess Gauri Mantra to fulfill Wiehes

Method of chanting the Goddess Gauri Mantra: The practitioner should mentally visualize the all-encompassing Cosmic Form of Goddess Gauri and chant the Mantra given below for about 5 or more minutes daily in the morning or at night.

ॐ क्लीं ॐ गौं गौरीभ्यो नमः ||
Om Kleem Om Goum Gouribhyo Namah ||

Kindly Note: The Hindi language video of this Goddess Gauri Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Man Me Basi Manokamna Puri Karne Wala Mata Gauri Ka Mantra

Lord Narayan Mantra to fulfill all wishes and get relief from all problems: Water / Neer originates from the feet of Lord Vishnu and hence the Cosmic Form of Lord Vishnu who resides in water is called Narayana,

This most powerful Mool Mantra invokes Lord Narayana to get his divine blessings in fulfilling any wish or desire or get success in anything. The Narayana Mantra gives the devotee every kind of prosperity and removes all kinds of problems, diseases, enemies, and obstacles.

Best way to chant the Lord Narayana Mantra: The practitioner can chant the Mantra given below 21 times or more in the morning or at night after remembering Lord Narayana.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं श्रीमन्नारायणाय नमः ||
Om Hreem Shreem Srimannarayana Namah ||

Please Note: The Hindi language version of the Lord Narayan Mool Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Sare Manorath Purna Karne Wala Prachin Narayan Mantra

Rare and ancient Mantras and other interesting information on the various manifestations of the Mother Goddess and Lord Narayan can be seen in the sections Prophet666.com Shakti Mantras and Tantra and Prophet666.com Mantras of Lord Vishnu.


  1. Hello dear sir Neel Ji, have you something to help gain muscle growth - muscular body ? Any yantras or mantras. Thank you

    1. You can try chanting any Mool Mantra of Hanuman.

    2. Namaste, can I recite it for 108 times each times I start and after the work out? Thank you very much for your answer


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