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Since time immemorial most traditions and cultures cutting across geographical boundaries have believed in and practiced the paranormal. The unknown and the occurrences which had no explanation were categorized as the unseen paranormal and attributed to mystical entities like ghosts, spirits, genes, fairies, yakshinis, yakshas and other mystical entities.

Some of these magical entities were believed to be benevolent; while other as evil and malefic. Every religion and culture; including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism has it own unique methods of dealing with such unseen entities. Indian culture has the largest and most diverse rites and rituals of exorcising these entities and energies from the being and aura of a possessed person.

Over the past few years this site has not only studied but published some of the most powerful, secret and rare Indian Mantras and Sadhanas to exorcise evil and harmful energies and vibrations. In this post are given a selection of these mantras and remedies.

You can also browse the mantras given for individual deities for their specific exorcism mantras and rites and also the charms, amulets, talisman and yantra sections on this site. If you have had certain experiences or known of any mantras and rites not published here and which you think will be of you to others, you can publish them here and send them using the - Contact Form

Exorcism Mantras
Exorcism in India

Mantra to remove Spirits
Mantras to remove Evil Spirits -2
Powerful Mantra to Exorcise Evil Spirits
Powerful Mantra to Exorcise Evil Spirits - 2
Powerful Mantra to Exorcise Evil Spirits - 3
Powerful Mantra to exorcise evil spirits - 4 
Powerful Mantra to exorcise evil spirits - 5
Mantra Prayog to Exorcise Black Magic
Simple Hindu Black Magic Removal Mantra
Jadu Tona Bhoot Pret Removing Mantra
Powerful Exorcism Mantra
Shabar Navnath Exorcism Mantra
Mantra to exorcise Ghost Fever
Powerful Exorcism Mantra
Most Powerful mantra to remove Ghosts
Powerful Mantra to remove Ghosts - 2
Mantra to kill Ghosts
Mantra to make Ghost Talk
Mantra to call Soul of the Dead
Narasimha Exorcism By Water Mantra
Mantras to remove Evil Eye
Ancient Evil-Eye Protection Mantra-Yantra
Hindu Mantra to destroy evil
Powerful Mantra to destroy Evil
Mantra to ward off evil dreams
Mantra to Exorcise a Chudail
Kaalratri Exorcism Mantra - Tantra
Putli Mantra to Exorcise Ghosts
Exorcism Mantra Ritual using Black Horse Hooves
Exorcism by Oil Mantra
Kali Mantra Infused Hawk Feather Talisman
Bhagavad Gita Mantra to Purify Shop or House
Indian Mantra to Summon a Demon
Devi Mantra Tantra for Buri Nazar Removal
Blackmagic Removal By Paan Mantra
Aura Cleansing Ritual using Camphor

Removing the Evil Eye
Traditional Indian Remedies to Remove Evil Eye
Powerful Remedy for Protection from Black Magic
Most simple remedy for protection of the self
Remedy to prevent evil energies entering home
Simple way to exorcise a house
Exorcism Tantra for Possessed Person
Removing the evil eye from infants
Remedies for nightmares in children
Lal Kitab Remedies for Nazar Dosh
Exorcism Tantra using Black Rice
Incense to Exorcise Black Magic
Blackmagic Repulsing Talisman for Main Door
Gharelu Upay for Enemy Blackmagic
Protective Talismans made from Kali Haldi
Evil Eye Removal Talisman for Vehicles
Rock Salt Evil Eye Diagnosis and Removal Remedy
Lime Chillies Totka for Shop House
Simple Indian Voodoo Exorcism Ritual
Indian Exorcism Ritual for Demonic Entities
Upay for Removing Nazar Dosha By Oil
Powerful Protection Talisman using Gorochana
Spell to Remove Ghosts from Road or Water
Ghost Removal By Methi Seeds Mantra
Upay for Removing Fear in Sleeping Child
Evil Eye Removal By Tilak Mantra
Remedy to Know if Evil Eye has Been Destroyed

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  1. how to exorcise if someone is possessed by a jinn ?

  2. Namaste Sir, ek baar mere problem ko jaroor padhiye.
    Mera pariwar badi pareshaniyo se gujar reha hai 20 saal se or sb itna badh gaya hai sabko lagta hai jindgi nahin rehti to jyada achha tha.
    1. Meri mummy 20 -25 saal se bimar rehti hai bimari ka pata nahin chalta hai magar 4 operation ho chuke hai. O raat ko soti bhi thik se nahin hai bure sapne dekhti bhoot,saap,apni mari maa ko bhi dekhti hai or dar jaati hai. O bhoot bhi dekhi hai bahot baar .
    2. Mera chhota bhai, usko to jaise humlogo se dusmani ho gayi hai.wo hum logo baat hi nahin karta hai ekdum alag rehta hai. Bahot gussa hota hai matlab bahot. Puja path se to milo dur rehta hai agar prasad do to bhi mahin khata hai. Non veg humare yeha koi nahin khata magar wo to har roj hi khata hai lagbhag.
    3. Humare aas pass ke log ,relative sabhi hume akela chhod diye hai . Un sab ko lagta hai kab ye barbad ho jaye to achha hota. O log ko hum jab apni problem batana chahte hai to wo sunne tak kotaiyar nahin hote.
    4. Mera pura ghar bimariyo se pareshaan hai doctor ko to paisede ke thak chuke hai har baar koi na koi bimar hota hai.
    5 . Humara financial condition itna bigad chuka hai ki hum 1 bhk room mein 5 log rehte hai ,sabhi ki umar 25 saal se upar hai par kisi ko shaadi ka ek proposal bhi nahin aaya hai .
    Hum bahot hi pareshaan hai , aap kuch bataiye kya kare .

    1. dear Rajiv this is very serious problem with you.

      1thing I asked you---

      in your family is anyone died i.e. akaal mrityu kisi ki hui h kya???

      if yes/no

      you need to go Karoli devi or a pandit who do pitradosh nivaran // aapko apne poorvajo ki sthapna karwani chahiye

  3. Rajiv ji please email me I will help you my email I'd is corporatesidharth@gmail.com

  4. Abhimanu aap Mujko email kare mein aapko help karunga Mera I'd hai corporatesidharth@Gmail.com

  5. rajiv lochan sharma ji
    apne kul devi aur devtaon ki puja kijia or ho sake to mhendipur balaji rajsthan main arji lagaea.

  6. HELLO SIR, main padhne mein accha hua karta tha magar mere dost ne mujhe bohut dinon tak lunch mein kuch milakar khilaya .Ab mein exams mein fail hota hun aur exams ke samay mei kaafi nervous ho jata hun aur kabhi kabhi rone bhi lagta hun. Bahut kuch try kar liya par koi fayada nahi nazar aa rha hai.
    Please merei madad karein.

    Rakesh Kumar.

  7. My ex girlfirend is away from me because of a very powerful black magic on her, which caused her to hate me. Can anyone help me remove the magic from her life?

  8. Pranaam Guruji,

    Is there a video of this mantra and is it the complete mantra?
    Om Harimarkata, Mahamarkataya – Para yantra bhaaya – Para mantra bhaya – Para tantra bhaya – Paravidhya Chedaya – Chedaya.

    Kind regards.


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