Letter from Reader Seeking Help to Resolve Serious Paranormal Problems

In this post, I have published a letter for help from one of our readers who it appears is suffering from the attraction of severe negative energy, which is making her life and the life of her family members difficult. The name and details of the reader have been removed for the sake of privacy.

From time to time, we publish a few selected emails from readers so that they can be of use to other readers and other readers can share their experiences and offer advice.
Simple Remedies to Remove Negative Energy

Hi Neel ji,

I am reaching out to you with a very terrified, heavy heart in a tough situation. My grandmother, who was a brilliant scientist, created an extraordinary nano-layer technology. We supplied it exclusively to defense and various departments, making us the sole custodians of this groundbreaking solution in the entire world. This day, we've lost everything to my demonic, cunning aunt and her negative entities, resulting in the loss of my grandmother for whom we sacrificed everything.

Day by day my mother's health worsens, financial struggles deepen, and the worry for my mother's well-being grows every day. We're on the verge of constant setbacks, even at the last moment, even the orders for which my struggles day and night and to achieve my grandmother's dream she loses them at the last brink.

This is a kind request from a granddaughter and daughter for help. Humbly seek your guidance and help.

Name Withheld

My Findings and Advice: Sometimes, everyone goes through the most turbulent and difficult phases in their lives, and in such cases, most paranormal remedies and solutions do not work properly. Hence, avoiding Gurus and lengthy religious and supernatural rituals is advisable because they might not give the expected results.

In the case mentioned above, the writer and her family should practice simple but effective remedies, like putting a tablespoon of Sendha Namak or Rock Salt in their Bathwater and lighting a few tablets of Camphor in a small utensil and circulating it in all the rooms of the home, except the Bathrooms. These solutions will appear to be most simple, but they will help in quickly subsiding the inflow and circulation of negative vibrations.

Along with the simple solutions mentioned above, the family should take refuge in their Ishta Devta or Favoured Deity, and if they have none they should surrender to Guru Dattatreya; the personification of the Universe. They should avoid doing bad things because when during such phases everything will go wrong and rebound back upon you.

Sooner or Later, the effects of Karma will begin to subside and the life of the family will become normal once again. One should remember that Karma catches up with everyone in some way or the other and not in the way you expect it to work because the working of Karma cannot be predicted by anyone.

If any of our readers has any advice to offer or share their experience they can do so in the comments section.


  1. IF THAT WAS ME, I would curse your aunt, she may be the source, if you do that, it all may be solved. Also, it could be your grandmother's spirit not wanting this to go through, maybe she is stopping you. Maybe letting it go may just lift the curse, perhaps that thing you are disputing is cursed. However, pick your pundit wisely, if your pundit doesn't like you, when he does the work, he is only giving you bad luck; THIS IS WHY I ADVISE YOU PRAY BY YOUR SELF with no pundit at all, NO MURTIES, NO PICTURES, JUST YOU IN A ROOM WITH GOD. Pray to the sun, because if it is a Navagraha issue, the Sun is the quickest way to remedy Navagraha issues by your self, with no help based on my experience. After that, pray to a god that can protect you from Mars, Rahu and Ketu,....saturn is not so bad if you dont mind being at peace and working hard because saturn is a problem for only those who are stubborn in their ways. .. However mars, rahu and ketu just bring problems for real whether you like it or not.. other than that only say small prayers to rahu ketu saturn and mars, 9 times only so they can spare you OR pray to mother Laxmi for compassion from society, it's a wealth in its own right, you may not get money with Laxmi and instead you may be greeted with kindness everywhere you go, which is helpful in a situation like this.... BUT FIND A DEITY WHO LIKES YOU, if your life is not going good although you pray to the same deity all day, that deity may not want you and find a God that likes you.... As crazy as that sounds it worked for me. BUT I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, DO NOT LIGHT ANYTHING IN YOUR HOUSE OTHER THAN YOUR STOVE TO COOK, IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE CURSED, because lighting something spiritual can burn your house down if you are cursed, use water instead, sprinkle it but infused the water with a protection mantra. AND DO NOT GO TO A SPIRITUAL ADVISOR, YOU HAVE TO HANDLE THIS WITH YOUR OWN PRAYER FROM YOUR OWN SHAKTI AND SOUL..... dont be afriad to try different remedies, I hope you will make it through, but make sure you are also in your heart a good person, because if you were not, it could be karma and then you will need to pray to Lord SHiva for forgiveness some people they ask "why me" and ignore that they may not have done good things, so be honest with yourself and who you are.... Again, I hope I did not insult anyone, I am only writing this becasue I truly feel this can help....

  2. I want to also add few advice.
    This kind of events are cause by destiny which is activated by planets transiting and residing in various houses in our natal charts.chances are that you and your grandmother did the same thing to your aunt in a past live now the role is reversed.
    Even a malefic planet from a natal chart can cause you severe problems that you will think that you are affected by extreme black magick.
    Solutions to your problem.
    (1)Find a free astrological calculator and calculate which planetary Dasha is active for you.calculate the Mahadasha and antardasha.
    (2)Now chant the beej mantra for your Mahadasha lord and antardasha lord for the stipulated number of times as per Dasha length,using rudraksha within 40 days.e.g sun will be 6000 times within 40 days Rahu will be 18000 within 40 days.Doing this will remove the negative effect of the planet and things will begin to go in your favor.
    (3)In addition to that also chant Hanuman chalisa at least 21 times daily and mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 times daily,this will grant you protection from all evil including all other malefic planetary energies.
    Don't look down on this three simple remedies,it's tried and tested and they can completely change your live and destiny.
    Good luck.

  3. https://www.prophet666.com/2017/08/mantra-siddhi-short-upayas-and-doshas.html?m=1

    This needs to be filled out.

  4. If this is a powerful tantric spell used for malefic purposes against your family, surrender to goddess pratyangira. Yes.

    Evil or malefic energies, which can be death inflicting maran prayog will be crushed at her feet. Best is vista pratyangira temple and conduct homa or puja in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu.


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