Simple but Effective Indian Exorcism Spell

In this post, I have written about a unique standalone exorcism spell that can be cast to exorcise any kind of evil spirit, ghost, evil and harmful vibration, and even the effects of curses and evil-eye from the body and surroundings of an affected person.

This simple but most effective Voodoo Exorcism Spell can also be termed as a Bhoot-Pret Nashak Sankhyatmak Yantra or a Numerical Yantra to Destroy Ghosts and Evil Entities.

The Exorcism Spell can be cast on any day by practicing the simple ritual described below:

1] The Yantra shown in the image should be drawn on a new roof tile called Khaprail in Hindi.
Hindu Exorcism Spell

2] This tile can be of any shape, I have shown a couple of sample tiles in the image below.
Roof Tile

2] The practitioner can use any kind of ink or pen to draw the Yantra on the tile. However, using a black ink pen is preferable.

3] Then, the practitioner should hold the tile in his right hand and do an Utara of the affected person by moving the tile over his body from head to toe in a clockwise manner. This simple exorcism ritual should be done 7 times simultaneously.

5] Then, the tile should be put in a fire and burnt, the ashes and leftovers of the tile can be thrown away anywhere.

6] As this is a standalone exorcism spell, there is no need to chant any Prayer or Mantra or invoke any God or Goddess.

7] This is a one-time exorcism spell, which can be used on the same possessed person again if the need is felt.

Note: A large collection of Exorcism Spells, Mantras, Yantras, and Charms can be seen in the section on Exorcism Mantras and Rituals


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