Saturday, October 9, 2010

Protection Mantras

The Hindu religion gives numerous unique Mantras for protection of the self, family, clan, country and so on. These mantra are beneficial to those seeking protection and trying to remove obstacles and dangers.

These mantras have unique frequencies; some of the mantras are Shaabri Navnath mantras. The other mantras are traditional Hindu mantras. The unique frequencies of these mantras are useful in negating the harmful frequencies coming your way. 

I must point out that the mantras are beneficial in defeating evil energies and frequencies, but should not be used for harmful purposes.

I have listed some mantras here and will be adding to this list in the future.Specific mantras for enemies have been posted separately in - Mantras for enemies and mantras for exorcism in - Exorcism Mantras - Rituals

Mantra for trouble free journey