Mantra to Remove Mice from House and Fields

Sometimes having a mouse in the house brings a lot of trouble and it has the potential to spread some major diseases along with numerous other problems.  Apart from the house,  mice can create a lot of destruction in the fields by destroying crops and other farm produce. - Post By Guru Swami

So today a mantra for removing mice from the house or agricultural lands or farms and stopping their terror has been given in this post.

The procedure of practicing this mouse removal Mantra Prayog has been given below for the benefit of those people who are in trouble due to this problem.

Mantra Chant to Remove Mice from House and Fields

1) Start the Mantra Prayog from any auspicious day.

2) Chant the mantra given below108 times and perform a Havan 108 times with normal Havan Samagri to Siddh the Mantra.

Then to use it for the removal of mice from your house of fields.

On any Sunday or Tuesday after bathing chant the Mantra 21 times and take 5 pieces of Turmeric and some whole rice grains then chant the Mantra and blow your breath 5 times over these items and keep them at the place, which is usually frequented by the mice.

That all that is needed for practicing this Mouse Removal Mantra Prayog.

Peet Pitambar Musa Gandhi Le Javahu Hanumant Tu Bandhi Ae Hanumant Lanka Ke Rau Aehi Kone Paisehu Aehi Kone Jahu
पीत पिताम्बर मूसा गांधी ले जावहु हनुमन्त तु बांधी ए हनुमन्त लंका के राउ एहि कोणे पैसेहु एहि कोणे जाहु

Notes -  Even though, the Mantra includes the name of Hanuman, there is no specific Puja-Vidhi of Hanuman needed in order to practice the Mantra Prayog to remove mice,

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