Black Magic Vashikaran Using Ashes of the Dead

In this post, I have written about an out and out Black Magic Vashikaran Mantra or an Aghor Panth Kala Jadu Attraction Mantra Prayog using the ashes of a dead person for casting a Voodoo Spell for controlling the mind of any desired man or woman for any kind of motive, including love, finance and friendship.

This Black Magic Vashikaran Mantra and the Tantra that is used to practice it appears in a reliable Tantric Text and has been published on this site only for the benefit of the fans and followers of Black Magic Spells who are likely to find the Vashikaran Prayog interesting.

However, even though, we cannot certify the success or failure of this Vashikaran Mantra Prayog, it would be appropriate to indicate that as it is an out and out Tamsik Vashikaran Mantra Experiment, success will ultimately depend upon the sheer intensity with which the practitioner practices this Totka.

Black Magic Occult Spell Using Ashes of the Dead

1] The Vashikaran Prayog can be practiced on any day.

2] The practitioner has to have in his possession Chita Ki Rakh or the Bhasma or ashes of a dead person. This ashes have to be procured after the cremation of a dead body.

There is no alternative substance that can be used in place of the Chita Ki Rakh.

3] The practitioner has to infuse the Chita Ki Rakh by taking a pinch of the Rakh in his right hand and chanting the unique Vashikaran Mantra given below 108 times. The Rudraksha Japa Mala is suitable for this Vashikaran Mantra Prayog.

ॐ सरुपे योर प्रहार चंडालि स्वाहा  ||
Om Sarupe Yor Prahaar Chandali Swaha ||

4] The last step is to sprinkle the Chita Ki Rakh on the body of the man or woman who is sought to be bound under the Vashikaran Spell.

As per the Tantra, the target will come under a very strong and effective Vashikaran Spell and the practitioner will be able to control the mind and actions of the targeted person as per his wishes.

Note- The Hindi language video of the same Vashikaran Mantra Prayog can be seen on our YouTube Channel –


  1. Sir can you also please write a solution if someone has done such black magic on a person ? I am suffering but its a combo aghori+Matarani's black magic Masaan + jinn moving around onto this and affecting to mind out of control.

    1. माँ बगलामुखी के विपरीत प्रत्यंगिरा का अनुष्ठान करें .भूत प्रेत जिन्न का प्रकोप ,
      काला जादू ,जादू टोना ,मारण क्रियाआदि से छुटकारा मिलेगा .श्री त्रैलोक्य विजया
      अपराजिता स्तोत्र का पाठ करते रहें .

    2. thank you for your reply. you suggest me to do bhalamukhi sadhana ? and where can i download trilokaya vijaya stotra ? Can this masaan dead ash be removed from stomach ? Thats the cause of all havoc if it can be removed i will also get rid off jinn as its seeing this ash in stomach and coming after me. also request neel ji to post on how to remove vashikaran and people don't try this for fun its dangerous thing just think of other families and victim.

    3. Brother did you got the solution for this problems, if yes plz help me to I'm suffering from same
      My no

  2. Sir i am also suffering with same trouble as mentioned by meet kindly guide the cure thnx


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