Kaam Baan Mantra for Attraction

Today,  I am sharing with all the readers of this site a Kaam Baan Sadhna for Mohan or attraction and to make your personality extremely enchanting and attractive wherever you go and enable you to attract all those people whom you meet.- Post By Guru Swami

This is an easy to use Akarshan Mantra that has an uncomplicated Vidhan unlike Kaam Astra Siddhi, which is difficult to achieve and needs 3 months to Siddh the Astra and after 3 months the Astra appears and enters your Surya Chakra.

In this Mantra Sadhna, it is only necessary to use the Mantra, which I have given below.

The procedure of using this Mantra is simple and the Sadhak has to chant the Mantra 10000 times on any auspicious day or time in order to energize it in order to actually use its power to enchant others.

ॐ नमो भगवती पुर पुरू वेशनी सर्वजगत भयंकरी  hreem hraim uum raam raam raam kleem वालाै sah वच काम बाण सर्वश्री समस्त नर नारीणां मम वश्यम नमो नमः स्वाहा

After energizing the Mantra, chant the Mantra 15 times while rubbing your hands on your face.

After this,  the effect of the Kaam Baan Mantra will become visible wherever you go and all the person whom you meet will come under your strong spell of attraction.

On the day,  you energize the Mantra, maintain a Satvic lifestyle and follow all the rules and regulations also pray to Ganesha, your Isht Devta and your Guru for better results and keep in mind the purpose for which you are chanting the Mantra.

Those who want to know more details about this Kaam Astra Sadhna can contact me through the comments section.

Note- There are likely to be more than one versions or variations of the same Kaam Baan Mantra for Akarshan.

You  can see the sections on Attraction Mantras, Vashikaran Totke, Indian Love Charms and Vashikaran and Mohan Yantras for all kinds of Mantras, Yantras, Tone, Totke and Upay. 


  1. Is Kaam Baan mantra useful for attracting women or in general?

  2. We have to chant the mantra 10000 times on one day or in a fixed number of days?

  3. Dear Guruswamiji,
    Could u pls give us a sadhana for increasing height at any age?

  4. 10000 should be completed in a single settings only or we can divide it in two parts like morning and afternoon....??????

  5. Dear Chetanya.....
    Use visualisation technique...
    It really works but need hard efferts and petions too.......

  6. Well....eh... devangari script and roman alphabet are here...mixed?...uh, I love the classic way of this blog to explain all mantras, both sanskrit and "english" (not really english, just a romanization of devangari script, but we know.. )...but,...what happend in this post? XD ...devangari did a vashikaran on roman and then they are melted in love?

    1. This post was written by Guru Swami and he has not provided the English language version of the Mantra.

    2. Om namo bhagvate
      Tripura Pura vasini
      Sarvajagath bhayankari
      Hreem hroum
      Hum dhraam dhreem
      Kleem Blum sah
      Vacha kaam baana
      Nara naareenam
      Mam vasyam namo
      Namah svaha..


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