Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yakshini Mantras

Yakshini Mantras and various forms of Sadhana are widely practiced by a large cross section of the practitioners of Tantra in India. A large part of this worship is mostly Tamsik and Aghori  in nature.

Yakshini worship is also widely prevalent in Jainism which lists 24 Yakshinis as guardians of various purposes. The Hindu text the Uddamareshvara Tantra has listed the number of Yakshinis as being 36 in all.

However the exact number of Yakshinis according to my opinion has not been arrived at and it appears possible that it might never be arrived at conclusively. 

In the various posts of this site are published numerous mantras attributed to Yaskinis which are not mentioned either in the Hindu or Jain lists.

These are some of the mantras which have been published in this site over the years; however you may come across quite a few not mentioned here which appear in other section of this site.

Efforts will be made to publish as much information as possible about new and unknown Yakshinis and rare forms of worship.

Shobhna Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Ratipriya Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Yakshini Mantra for any purpose
Jaya - Vijaya Yakshini Mantra 
Kameshwari Yakshini Mantra 

Kameshwari Yakshini Mantra - 2
Kameshwari Yakshini Vashikaran Mantra - 3
Nati Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

Nati Yakshini Mantra for curing Diseases
Siddhi Yakshini Mantra
 Dhanda Yakshini Mantra

Padmini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Shankhini Yakshini Mantra for Wish Fulfilment
Chitrini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Anuragini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Yakshini Mantra to get Rich
Jwalamalini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

Yakshini Mantra for Magical Articles
Mantra to attain immortality
Chandrika Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Vishala Yakshini Mantra Sadhana
Vishala Yakshini Mantra for Rare Treasures - 2
Kumari Yakshini Vashikaran Mantra
Aghori Maha Yakshini Mantra

Hans Yakshini Mantra Sadhana for Success

Kanakavali Yakshini Mantra
Yakshini Mantra for Rare Items from Patal Lok
Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra


  1. guru ji pranam agar koi yakshini sadhna adhuri rahey aur aap usey aadhey mein hi chor de to aapko dikkat kar sakta hai? please reply

  2. Dear Anurag
    It depends which way you approach your deity. You can't immediately start doing rituals. That requires a lot sadhanas and upasanas. After certain level in Tantra there is no much differences between you and your deity. The Bhava and Rasa of Sadhak and Yogini becomes one and the same...in the undivided advaita stage there is only prema (Love)...eventually u will develop the qualities of Shiva. You need a lot athma-sadhana to realize and regenerate the kundalini power and also know how to place / administrate it with the help of a proper master. Hope this helps
    Jai Maha-devi Yakshiroopini namo nama:


    Kindly provide the apsara sadhna in details other then given on lots of websites. because we believe in ur procedure of sadhna and give details heading in INDEX.

    jai shri RAM

  4. dear dane vinayakdas sir can u tell me if yakshini harm me then how can i protect my self or shield my self with ill effect of yakshini.

  5. Is really yakshini goddess exist? Has anybody seen Yakshini? Is the sadhana true or fake? Because through out world people are trying so hard to earn even a single penny. If money comes with simple reciting of manthras, why everybody in not following this approach. If at least, one person sees Yakshini that will be international news. In India so many babas are there. They are cheating people with fake magics like satya sai baba. If people really gets supernatural powers by reciting manthras, Why babas did not recite these manthras to get real powers rather than fake powers. Because 24 hrs their job is to prey god.

    1. Respected Sir,
      SAI Baba never asked anyone for anything, all was given to him, out of love, because you don't understand how this spiritual world works, Is no reason for you to say negative words about it. I have been doing Mantra, Yantra and Tantra rituals for many years. I am born with powers. And have been developing and learning about my power, now I am a healer, my Guru have given me the name NagaSwamy, because I have the serpent healing power

    2. May i know what powers do you have? do not say that you don't need to expose them to others.

  6. dear sir,
    Hope you are well.I would like to know how i can avoid a malefic effect when i perform non satvic mantra.Please give details or guide me.tq

  7. respected guruji, i am doing BHOGA YAKSHINI SADANA. i did fifty thousand times till now....how can i know that i reached siddi with the bhoga yakshini.. still how many times i should do it to attain siddi.

    1. sir ... please i beg u to give answer sir.

    2. Yakshini Sadhana is to be practised only it you are an advanced Sadhak or under the supervision of a Guru.

  8. guruji....worried what to do now.. already i did sixty thousand times.

  9. i am a sadak this all is fake all sampat saying if you not believe in sprituality than why people like you visit these sites and wasting your time.
    Not only yakshini but anything or normal person if you do misbehave it anyone than he/she would all harm you.
    for guidence of full aspects nd key related to apsara sadhana contact me.


  10. Guys if u r learner don't do yakshni. Its suggested to do under guru only

  11. Dear sir, thanks for sharing such wonderfull sadhana's and knowledge, thanks for your effort to bring back ancient Indian's glory and might. Sir, I wonder if there any yakshini,pisachini,yogini,sundari, or sadhana for listening to divine music , exotic music, or to witness divine dance,experiencing divine art's,hear beautifull voice or songs ? If there any such sadhana guruji can share with sadhakas?thanks.

  12. i cant understand what to do ?i should laugh or stay out of this ..there are so much peoples in this world who even dont know that their parents are their real parents or not but they are arguing in on the existing of supernatural power and energy.i am not a sadhak but there is someone who is my near and dear one who has the powers like this.he already did yakhsini,kaal bhairav and kuber sadhna.and i have seen all the proofs in my eyes.i never seen any goddess or yakhsini but i have seen their works what they does for this man.its unbelievable but true.we are being made by some people who are teaching us not to believe all these but they themselves have hidden desire to get all these.so my dear friends please dont argue in anything about which you dont know nothing.and who have really achieved these they are not so fool to argue with you or give you proof of their power.....


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