Simple and Effective Jinn Pari Mantra Sadhana

A very simple but effective Jinn Pari Mantra Sadhana for invoking the Jinn-Pari who is an Angel or Fairy has been described by me in this post. The practitioner attempt to make a most beautiful feminine entity in human form manifest and help him every possible way, including physical and financial ways.

The Jinn Pari has been described as a most beautiful and seductive entity with enchanting looks that can make any man attracted to her like a magnet. There is a very enchanting and seductive perfume, like fragrance emitting from her body.

If the practitioner succeeds in invoking the Jinn Pari, her conduct towards the practitioner will depend upon how he visualizes her. If the practitioner visualizes her as a wife, she will behave like a wife or if the practitioner visualizes her like a sister, friend or mother, she will behave in the same manner with the practitioner.

Muslim Jinn Pari Mantra Sadhana

This Jinn Pari Sadhana is not complicated and it can be practiced by any person who is well-versed and experienced in the practice of Pari, Apsara, Yakshini and Yogini Mantra Sadhanas.

The Jinn-Pari Mantra Sadhana given is the basic form of this Sadhana and is derived from an authentic and reliable experience of the invoking of this Sadhana, which was written by a Siddh Sadhak of this Tantra.

The Vidhi of practicing the Jinn-Pari Mantra Sadhana is given below.

The Jinn Pari Mantra Sadhana has to be practiced on a Friday night by following the procedure mentioned below.

1] The practitioner has to put 10 fresh roses in his bathwater and wait for about 10 minutes and then have a bath using that water.

2] Then he has to wear fresh clothes and apply high-quality Ittar or Attar on his body and start the chanting of the Jinn-Pari invoking Mantra given below at Midnight.

रब्बे इन्नी मंगलबुने फन्तसीर ||
Rabbe Inni Mangalbune Fantaseer ||

3] There is no fixed number of Mantra Chants or any ritual or worship prescribed in the Apsara Tantra in order to practice this Jinn-Pari invoking Mantra Sadhana.

This means that the practitioner has to keep chanting the Mantra throughout the night and as per the Apsara Tantra if the Jinn-Pari is attracted by the practitioner, she will appear before the practitioner at any time during the night.

4] This is a one-night Mantra Sadhana that can be repeated on other coming Fridays if the practitioner is unable to invoke the Jinn Pari on the first Friday.

Notes- All the information that is given in this post is based upon the experiences of a Siddh Sadhak contained in an authentic Tantra on Apsaras and Paris

All kinds of Pari, Apsara, Yakshini Sadhanas can be seen in the sections on Yakshini Mantras and Tantra and other sections of this site.

The Hindi language video of this Mantra Sadhana can also be seen on our YouTube Channel -


  1. Guru ji ye mantra jap raknay say phalay kuch bi khana ya phinay ka niband hay

  2. Sir, Can a lady or a girl perform this Sadhana? Kindly reply. Thank you so much.

  3. Neel sir.. 1.Would it be easy to ask the pari to leave us if we do not require her help in any way anymore. 2. What r the dangers of having a pari as either a friend or as a sister or as a wife.. Very very keen to know sir

    1. It isn't that easy to send back a Jinn or a Pari coz when they come to you they leave their world anc come to you.. It is a Commitment between you and the Entity ..

  4. sir(marutidasoham)..sir i am very sure that your comment is as an answer to what i asked or queried. thank you so much sir for that.

  5. what are the dangers of this sadhana, can anyone please share there experience

  6. i would like to chant jinn pari as a wife and lover. possible. And what about the wife i am living with . In yakshini upasana . if person thinks to have yakshini as his wife means the individual should not have wife. Explain please.

  7. Neel jhi. my question not answered. please answer my question so that i can chant her every friday.

    1. That is right, the practitioner should be unmarried otherwise his wife will face unknown problems, which cannot be known beforehand.

  8. भैरव बाबा के प्रत्यक्ष दर्शनार्थ के लिए साधना दे

  9. Guruji this mantra is not for jinn pari sadhna

  10. Sir, many people say Jinn is a scary and bad spirit and wrecks havoc in life... Is it safe to invoke ajinn pari as a sister? Kindly advise

  11. Friday night means thursday night after 12 am Or friday night after 12 am?

  12. Replies
    1. It means Friday night and not Thursday night after 12 am


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