Vashikaran Beej Mantra Dhyan to Attract Women

In this post, I have described the method of using the ब्लें - Bleem Beej Mantra for the subjection or domination of a woman by practicing a specific method of meditation, concentration or Dhyan. This Stri Ko Dravit Karne ki Mantra Vidhi is contained in The Bhairav Padmavati Kalp.

The Bhairav Padmavati Kalp is a Puranic Text on Mantra-Tantra Shastra, which contains some rare information of Vashikaran, Sammohan and other Tantras for the Attraction and Subjection of and desired person or persons.

This text also contains some information on the use of Kamdev Mantras and the Kaam Baan or the Arrows of Kamadeva, the Love God for casting most powerful and effective Occult Love Spells on and hankered for Man or Woman.

These Love Spells or Kaam Baan Mantras are said to be so powerful that the targetted man or woman is subject to a very strong and difficult to break Vashikaran Spell and come under the domination of the practitioner.

Vashikaran Beej Mantra Meditation to Attract Women

The ब्लें - Bleem Beej Mantra Dhyan Vidhi is described below

1] First and foremost it is essential for the practitioner and the targetted woman are known to each other and are in physical relation. The Mantra Prayog can work even better if the targetted woman is the wife or live-in girlfriend of the practitioner.

2] The Dravikaran of the woman in the context of this Mantra Prayog takes place within 7 days as per the Bhairav Padmavati Kalp.

3] The practitioner has to practice the Mantra Prayog by bringing a mental image of the ब्लें Beej having the color of Sindoor or vermillion located in the private part of the targeted woman and concentrating upon this image as long as possible.

Sindoor is normally red, orange or reddish-orange in color.

4] The practitioner has to fully meditate or concentrate upon the ब्लें Beej and do Mansik or Mental Jaap without using his tongue.

The period of time for which the practitioner should concentrate has not been mentioned in The Bhairav Padmavati Kalp, hence, the practitioner should practice the Dhayan as long as possible and more than one time daily.

Notes- This is a Vashikaran By Touch Mantra Prayog, hence it is essential that the practitioner is in a physical relationship with the woman whom he wants to dominate.

If anyone has practiced this Mantra Experiment or is going to practice it, they can share their experiences with other readers of this site.

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