Very Effective Bhairava Mantra for Protection from Dangers

In this post, I have written about a multipurpose Mantra of Lord Bhairava for insulating yourself against all kinds of dangers, obstacles, problems, and calamities. This Bhairav Mantra also protects the practitioner from enemies and gives all-round prosperity and abundance in the long run.

Although we have published scores of Protection Mantras of all kinds from time to time over the past several years, including some Most Powerful Mantras dedicated to Bhairava, which can be seen in the section on – Bhairava Mantras and Tantra,  I am still writing about this Mantra because I really liked the simplicity and wordings of this Powerful Mantra.

Bhairava is identified as a Most Powerful and Rurda manifestation of Lord Shiva or Mahadeva. He is also seen as the All-Encompassing Kaal or Time, which spares none, not even the mightiest or as the Ever-Existent Supreme Being.

Lord Bhairava is a most important deity in Tantric Circles as Bhairava or in any of his forms, like Batuk Bhairava or Krodh Bhairava.

There are many diverse methods listed for the Worship of Lord Bhairava, including some really fearsome Tantric Rituals practiced by Aghori Sadhus and Sadaks of the Vaam Marg.

It is said that like, Lord Shiva, Bhairava can be appeased quickly, especially in this trying Age of Darkness – The Kaliyuga.

The practitioner can start the chanting of this Anishta Nivaran Mantra of Bhairava shown in the image on any day and chant it as many times as desired. This practice will give better results if the Mantra is chanted daily.

Very Effective Bhairava Mantra for Protection from Danger

In a short period of time, the practitioner will be able to attract the most powerful and effective protective vibrations of Lord Bhairava and insulate himself from all kinds of dangers, including those from unseen beings and black magic spells. He will also be able to increase the capacity of his mind and enhance his brainpower. This Mantra will also be effective in giving relief to the practitioner from malefic planets in his horoscope and resolving astrological problems like Mangal Dosha, Shani Sade Sati, Rahu Peeda and other such unhelpful planetary transits and combinations.

The regular chanting of this Mantra will also increase the physical and mental strength of the practitioner.

The Hindi language video of this Bhairava Protection Mantra can be seen here -

Notes - See the sections of Mantras for Enemy Problems, Mantras for Self Protection and Mantra and Tantra of Lord Bhairava for more options and other Mantras for the same purpose.


  1. Namaste Guruji
    I love to go through Your so informative spiritual website, and also done few Sadhana as per Your website details, it really helped
    Sir I need your guidance, can you please tell me any Suvaym Sidh Mantra for all round protection, an mantra to which we don't need to get Sidhi, and that protect us for all sort of danger & all kind of negative energies


    1. The Atma-Raksha Mantra given in this post is a Siddh Mantra, but in my opinion chanting a Mantra of your Ishta Devta or the God/Goddess you really feel that you are connected from the bottom of your heart could prove to be more effective.

  2. Hello Sir, thank you for all your help in prayers. I would like to know in the mantra above if it is "bham" or "bhram".
    Some mantras for Lord Bhairav have the word "Bhram".
    Thank you.

  3. Is there any rules for chanting this mantra or shall I chant whenever or wherever needed without rules

  4. Is there any rules for chanting this mantra or shall we chant whenever needed or wherever needed

  5. Guruji

    Shall insert a word of our wish in this mantra, such as, Om.... Sarva Roga or Sarva chatru nivaranayaa swaha.

    Please advice.

    1. There is no needed to do that. But, you can mentallly think about wish for 5-10 seconds before starting the Mantra Chanting.


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