Vashikaran By Greetings or Pranam

A most powerful and fast-working Vashikaran Yantra, which is written on the hand to attract any desired person by simply meeting and greeting that desired man or woman has been described in this post.

This is a very powerful Vashikaran Yantra Remedy that is capable of attracting even the most elusive, stubborn or hard-hearted desired lovers.

However, it is essential to gain Siddhi over this Vashikaran Yantra before being actually able to use it to attract any desired man or woman.

Most Powerful Vashikaran By Greetings or Pranam

The Vidhi of practicing the Siddhi Sadhana is given below.

1] The Siddhi Sadhana should be done on the night of Diwali or the period of Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse.

 2] The practitioner should eat Satvik Food and maintain Brahmacharya or Celibacy on this day and practice the Siddhi Sadhana in a separate room or place where there is no likelihood of any kind of disturbance.

3] The practitioner has to prepare 108 such Yantras on Bhojpatra or white paper using Ashtagandha ink and Anar Kalam. The sample image of the Vashikaran Yantra is shown in the image.

4] Then, one-by-one each Yantra should be offered as Ahuti to a Hawan.

This procedure will give the practitioner Siddhi over the Vashikaran Yantra and he will be able to actually use it for casting Vashikaran Spells on any wished-for persons for getting their love and affection.

The Vidhi of using the Siddh Vashikaran Yantra to enchant any desired man or woman.

1] The Vashikaran Prayog should be done on any Sunday.

2] The Vashikaran Yantra should be drawn on the Palm of the Right Hand using Ashtagandha Paste and an Anar Kalam as the ink and pen.

3] Then, the practitioner should go and greet the desired person. The words Pranam, Namaskar, Hello, etc. can be used to greet the desired person.

This procedure is said to cast a Vashikaran Spell on the desired person and bind that person under a very strong and effective Voodoo Attraction Love Spell.

Note- See the various other sections of this site for all kinds of Vashikaran and other Attraction Spells for most purposes.


  1. योगिनी तंत्र से उत्तम वशीकरण प्रयोग प्रस्तुत है --
    (१)मन्त्र =ॐ सुंदरी भैरवी योगिनी राजा प्रजा महारथी वशंकरी अं इं उं ऋम
    --हे वरानने ! इस मन्त्र से तेल और चन्दन को १०८ बार जपकर वह तेल मुख में लगाएं ।चन्दन से कपाल में तिलक करे ।(अनेन मन्त्रेण देवि,
    तैलं च चन्दनम च वा ,शताष्ट जप्तं तततैलं मुखे दद्यात वरानने ---)
    (२)मन्त्र=ॐ राजमुखी राजमुखी ह्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं देवी महादेवी देवाधिदेवी सर्वजनस्याभिमुखम मम वशं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा
    --हे महेश्वरी !साधक शय्या पर स्थित होकर प्रातःकाल में तीन बार दाहिने हाथ को मुख पर फेरे । हे शिवे !जगत वशीकरण के निमित्त नित्य
    इस प्रकार से जो करता है ,चराचर जगत अवश्य उसको वशीभूत होगा ,इसमें संदेह नहीं ।(इति मन्त्रेण शय्यास्थ :प्रातःकाले महेश्वरि,त्रिवारं
    दक्ष हस्तेन मुखम समार्जयेत कृती ।एवन्तु प्रत्यहं कुर्यात जगतवश्याय कामिनि,अवश्यम जायते वश्यं जागते तत चराचरम )



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