Lal Kitab Remedy to remove Debts

The remedy given in this post is a Lal Kitab Remedy to remove debts and regain financial stability. This remedy is useful for all those who are experiencing the unbearable burden of debts, including business persons.  This remedy has to be practiced on the day of Ashtami of Navratri; this is the eighth day of the festival of Navratri.

For practicing this debt removing remedy, the practitioner has to take a square red colored piece of cloth and spread it before an image or photo of Devi Mata [any Goddess will do].

Then the practitioner has to place a piece of Lal Chandana [Red Sandalwood], a red rose, kumkum and 58 currency coins of any denomination, on the red cloth. Then the practitioner has to tie this red cloth, like a bundle.

After preparing the bundle, the practitioner should place it in the cash box, place where money is stored or where he keeps his bank passbook, cheques and other important financial documents.

The same remedy has to be repeated every year on the Ashtami of Navratri and the previous bundle has to be immersed in any flowing water body.

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  1. dear neeji, can we use the same set of coins every year?

    1. No, the 58 coins are part of the bundle which is immersed in water, hence a new set of coins should be used every year.

  2. Namaste Neelji,
    Is thr any remedy to get stability in job and get good salary?

  3. Dear sir I did the remedy yesterday, one coin rolled out which I did not see, I found it in the morning. What can I do😭 As I am so stressed

    1. You can try any other debt removal remedy published on this site.

  4. Dear Sir,
    As said above, we have to perform every year on same day but this year i was unable to get Red Sandalwood piece at any of the shops due to which was unable to perform. So is it fine if i keep the old or i have to immerse only?


    1. Immerse the coins as you have not completed the remedy.

  5. Hello Sir

    can we perform this remedy during Chaitra Navratra or it has to be performed on Ashin Navratra.

    1. You can perform the remedy during Chaitra Navratri, if you so desire.

  6. Pranaam Neel ji,

    Do we continue each year even if Debt is over?

    1. If you want you can practice the remedy every year, even if the debts are over, however, that is not mandatory.


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