Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Most powerful mantra to become victorious

This is a great and unique most powerful Mantra to emerge victorious in any sort of fight, argument, debate or any type of conflict with your enemies.

The Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra is acquired by reciting it for a total of 10,000 times.

Thereafter whenever you wish to use it the Mantra has to be recited 108 times.

Om namo vishwarupaya l
Shatramprati mam vijayam kuru kuru swaha l

ॐ नमो विश्वरूपाय l
शत्रंप्रति मम विजयं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा l

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  1. Hello,

    Is this mantra has to be total of 10,000 times in one go (one setting)?

    Can I do 1000-2000 per day?


  2. u can do this by dividing into equal parts. You can do 1000 everyday, but do it facing in same direction, same time everyday, and same number of recicitation. In other words, if you do 1000/day, dont do 2000 the next day. Should you miss a day, then next day, to cover the lost day, you may do 2000. Also to expound on your question, if you do one mantra/day and do it for 10,000 days, you will also get benefitted as you had done it in one sitting. hope that helps. If for any sadhna queries, I like to help so you may contact me at ayurmeds@gmail.com.

    1. hallooo i neeeeddd some answers from you pleaseee????? i have rudraksa on my nek,can i always keep it on?can i take a shower,eat meat,have sex,sleep and do i have to take it of when i have my monthly periode????and same questens for my planet stone.
      thank you

    2. I have already answered this question before. Keep them on if you feel comfortable otherwise there are no such rules which bar one from wearing stones, rings or Rudraksh while having sex or eating meat or going to the toilet.

  3. Guru ji kya hum iss mantra ke jariye exam mai top kar sakte hai

  4. namaste guruji...can i know which god is prayed by this mantra????

    1. The Supreme God, you can attribute the Mantra to the one God you see as the Supreme God, like Shiva, Vishnu or Ganesha.

  5. Gurujee pranaam...
    My nephew is 30 yr old he recites kali shastranaam daily.does he needs to maintain brahmcharya or not eat nonveg or anu restrictions?

    1. As it is a long term daily worship, in my opinion there is no need for following any of the restrictions mentioned by you.
      To follow the restrictions or not depends upon the wish of your nephew.

  6. Guruji is mantra Ke side effect ? Aur Ise rat ko chant kiya to chalega? Aur chant krte waqt man mein Chant krege to chalega? Aur ise ghar mein kisibhi jagah pe chant kiya to chalega aur jab mastery puri ho jaye tab use use krna ho to kbhi bhi man mein chant kakar use Kr sakte

    1. If you use this or any other Mantra for positive or protective purposes there will be no side-effects.
      You can perform the Siddhi Sadhana anywhere/anytime in the house or outside.
      The procedure of actual use is clearly mentioned in the article.


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