Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hanuman Mantra Prayog for Money and Job

This is a Hanuman Mantra Prayog for those who are not getting a job, business running into losses, no money or debt problems. Those in such difficulties can commence this Prayog on any Tuesday, after doing Smaran of Hanuman. The Sadhana given below has to be performed for 22 days in all. The Mantra I have given is a Doha from the Shri Ramcharitmana; simple, Satvik and yet powerful.

Take 22 leaves of the Peepal Tree, wash them with water and write श्री राम on each of the leaves with red sandalwood [Rakta Chandana]. Then keep these leaves near the feet of Hanuman, while chanting the Mantra given below.

The Peepal leaves should not be plucked on Sunday for this Prayog, so pluck 22 extra leaves on Saturday; for use on Sunday. Hygiene and vegetarian diet is a must during the period of this Sadhana. The Sadhak must maintain secrecy and not tell anyone that he is performing this Prayog.

Similar remedies for money problems using Peepal leaves were also published earlier; you can also have a look at them Hanuman Remedy , Hanuman Remedy - 2.

A Hanuman Mantra Experiment to get Money or Job
Hanuman Mantra Prayog for Money and Job


  1. Namaste !
    Have to go temple or at home ?

    1. Can be done at the home or even in the temple, before and photo or idol of Hanuman

  2. If peepal leaves are not available, what can I should use.

  3. how many times to recite this mantra. after completion what to be done with peeple leaves if performing this puja at home.

  4. at which time this remedy should perform

  5. How many times should I repeat this mantra

  6. T all those who asked; the Mantra is to be chanted only once while keeping the leaves at the feet of Hanuman.


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