Mantra to stop child from crying

This is a Mantra to placate and stop a child from crying and calm it down. The Mantra was given to me by a Guru, who practices some unique Mantras; which have been handed over from one generation of his family to the other. I cannot say much about this procedure; however as this experiment is really simple, straightforward and does not consume much time or effort; I will tell you about it in good faith.

If a child is crying uncontrollably and nothing seems to stop it from crying; then the one wishing to perform this Prayoga, should have a bath; sit before the place or worship or facing the East and chant this small Mantra 8 times. After chanting the Mantra, an Uttara of the child is done, by rotating the right hand around the body of the child OR you can do any other kind of Utara known to you.

Hindu Healing Mantra to stop child from crying
Mantra to stop child from crying

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Can you let me know what is utara I dint get it how to be done

    1. Simply cant the mantra 8 times and then rotate your right hand in a clock-wise manner around the body of the child.

  2. Sir, my 2 months old child always cries without any reason..We consulted doc everything is normal, We tried different remedies also for evil eye removal also but no improvement..Can I try this puja and for how many days we should perform this

    1. You can do the Mantra Prayog for 3 days along with your doctors medicines and treatment.

  3. Very powerful mantra as I practices it and my granddaughter stopped crying 😢 thanks universe


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