Bhagavad-Gita on Om Tat Sat

This post is a continuation of the one where I had written about the Secret Mantra of Edgar Cayce "Arrr--eee-oommm".as Edgar Cayce pronounced Hari Om [हरी ॐ] . This is a variation of Om Tat Sat [ॐ तत सत]. The following are the verses from the most sacred of the Hindu religious scriptures the Bhagavad-Gita, which describe the Mantra Om Tat Sat [ॐ तत सत].

Om Tat Sat Mantra Image in 3D
Om Tat Sat

Om Tat Sat [ॐ तत सत] – is said to be the three fold designation of the Brahman. [Ever-Existent].This is how they were fashioned, of old, the Bhramanas, the Vedas and the sacrifices.

Therefore all actions of sacrifice, gift and austerity enjoined by the divine ordinance, on part of the Vedas by uttering the word ‘Om’ [ॐ], will always commence purely.

Uttering the word तत [तत], all the actions of sacrifice and charity which are performed by the seekers of liberation are without aiming at their fruit.

The word Sat [सत] is used to signify existence and purity; as also O Partha, the word ‘Sat” is used for any auspicious action.

This is the mantras which instills in the seeker of the Ever-Existent the need for selfless action without aiming at the end fruit. The Gita has time and again stressed that selfless action is the highest kind of action. This the Gita stresses is the gateway to ultimate liberation of which the state of Non Duality is but a part.

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