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Gambling Numbers In Sleep Mantra

This mantra is believed to give the practitioner the numbers of all games of chance, like lottery, lotto, horseracing, card games in a casino, sports betting and other gambling sports, involving lucky numbers, in a dream. In this post, I will explain how this Mantra Experiment is practiced.

The practitioner should light a Diya of Pure Ghee[ Clarified Butter] at 9 PM in the night. Then he should start chanting the mantra given below.

A Hindu spell to dream about gambling mantras in sleep
Mantra for Gambling Numbers In Sleep

The practitioner has to chant the mantra continuously, until the time he feels sleepy. When he feels  like sleeping, he should sleep on the same place where he is chanting the mantra. When he falls asleep, he will see the winning numbers of his desired game of chance in a dream.

The practitioner should not do any other Puja- Vidhi or worship, other than what is mentioned above for this Mantra Sadhana. A Counting Mala need not be used. The Diya, should not be refilled with Ghee and should be allowed to extinguish when the Ghee in the Diya is finished.

If the practitioner fails to see the winning numbers in a dream, he should continue the Sadhana, all over again for the next two days. If it is in his destiny, he will succeed.

Note- I do not advocate any kind of gambling sports or games of chance or the success or failure of this mantra.

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  1. Pranam guru g .plz mujhe iski vidhi hindi me bta dijiye .apki bdi kirpa hogi. Pranam

  2. Plz guru g bta do .kya yh sirf 3 din karna hai ja contiues . . .

    1. As explained in the post, this Mantra Sadhana has to be done for 3 days only.

  3. Guruji, i'll do this shadhna..
    Please bless me
    thank you

  4. Namaste Guruji
    I had same mantra from another site.
    "chet mai chet mai kalka
    chetave tera balka
    sote ko jaga jagte ko baitha
    satte ka number aane ka bata
    duhai guru gorakhanath ki
    nath ji ko aadesh"
    Some text missing in this mantra then given by you but procedure is same
    My concern is that which mantra is right to chant
    Please guide me

  5. Mamaskar guruji ... Ek sawal tha k me abhi Australia me Hu to time jo apne bataya k 9pm wo yaha k rat k 9 baje Kare to sahi rahega?

    1. Yes! You should do it at 9 P.M according to the local time of place where you are staying.

      Like for example: If you are staying in U.S then it should be according to 9 P.M in U.S. If you are staying in Australia then it should 9 P.M according to Australian time.

  6. Is mantra ko koi test kiya hai kya?
    Gambling:- its all about probability of game and your luck

  7. Can this mantra be used to know about stock market that which stock is going to run next day in Asleep mode or not

    1. You can try the Mantra Remedy to see if you get an indication about rising stocks in your dreams.

  8. Will it have any adverse effect on the person chanting?

  9. Sir, could you please reply?
    1) Would it have an adverse effect if you make a mistake?
    2) Is this a shabar mantra? If not, what kind of mantra is this?
    3) Could you please translate the meaning in English?

  10. This is a Shabar Mantra ns will have no adverse effects if practiced as described in the article.

  11. Guruji, is it ok if I do the Mantra sadhna with a tealight candle? I live in Germany and I do not have Ghee. Please advise. I really need help.

    1. hi GHEE is butter made from cow milk you can normal butter that people eat.

  12. Guruji can u tell me the meaning of the mantra. And which day is best to start chanting

  13. Is there any remedy to stop a person from gambling and stopping wastage

  14. I can do only on tuesdays as i dont eat.nonveg husband is also not eating and drinking the same day. Plz guide mei am in hyper stress due to loan .


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