Lal Kitab Remedy for Mistreating Husbands

This is Lal Kitab Remedy for women who are being mistreated by their husbands. A large percentage of women visitors to this site always complain about cruel, suspicious, unnatural and strange behavior by their husbands.  More often than not, the husband comes under the influence of another family member or relative having malefic intentions or ulterior motives and starts mistreating his wife. Such harassed wives can practice this Lal Kitab Totka.

The remedy is in itself very simple, all that the harassed and mistreated wife has to do it to light a Diya [Clay or Metal Diya] of Mustard Oil [Sarson Ka Tel] in a corner near the main door or entrance of the house.

The wife should spread some Black Sesame Seeds [Kale Til] on the ground and put the Diya on top of the Kale Til. This paranormal Indian remedy should be commenced on any Saturday, practiced in the evenings, and continued until the husband realizes his mistakes and mends his ways.

The women having her menstrual cycle should avoid practicing the Lal Kitab Remedy during this period.

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  1. Is this to be done on daily basis or only on Saturdays!

  2. what should we do that til next day

  3. Hi.. should we leave the deepam to stop on its own.. or should we pull the wick and stop it after sometime (that is a practice in tamilnadu).. please let me know

    1. Let the Deep stop on its own, no need to stop it.

  4. Sir
    should the diya be placed outside the main door or inside of house near entrance.
    also plz let us know whether diya should face towards the house or outwards away from house

    1. The Diya should be place outside the main door and should be facing outwards.

  5. dear ji,
    what shall we do next day

  6. Can i keep the diya at entrance of my room as i stay in joint family. Please advice

    1. Yes you can do that if you are living in a joint-family.

  7. Hello I'm living at my parents house from last one month and want my husband to come out from the strong influence of his mother n sister.....n live with me happily in a another house.....can I also to this practice at my parents home and wat else I can do to save my marriage

  8. Hello Neelji wat should we do with till seeds next day?

  9. Neelji, can you please suggest as how should we clean the place next day and again put new till seeds?

    1. You can clean the place normally and throw away the last days Til Seeds and Keep fresh ones on the next day.

    2. Ok Neelji .. thanks for your reply...!!!!


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