Know and understand your Mantras

To understand and know your Mantra it is essential to understand some of the common words normally contained in most Mantras. This will to an extent enable you to know and understand your Mantras.

The word Swaha [स्वाहा] which is used at the end of most mantras if translated into English literally means totally destroyed or completely burnt. This word is an exclamation which denotes a resolve for the complete destruction of the offering, if offered as a sacrifice to fire.

The word Swaha if used at the end of Mantras is an exclamation denoting the will and assertion to accomplish a specific purpose. It can also be taken as ‘so be it’ or; ‘so may it be’, and if combined with an attitude of self surrender ‘I offer’. Most Mantras are for a specific purpose; hence the assertion to accomplish the purpose is essential.

Namah [नम:] is another word which one comes across very often in a lot of mantras. This word also indicates a will to accomplish a purpose; as assertion. It also indicate surrender or bowing before the object of prayer or meditation.

Both the words Swaha and Namah however have no specific meaning attached to them. The use of these words depends largely upon the context in which the Mantra or prayer is used. Thus more than one meaning can easily be attributed to these words. One has to understand that these are broad terms.

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  1. Respected sir,
    My question is regarding mantras in general.The question is--Should a person practicing a certain mantra eat only vegetarian food and abstain himself from sex and all sexual activities?
    For eg
    In the mantra ॐ चिमिचिमि स्वाहा ll
    should the sadhak follow veg diet and absenteeism from sex and sexual activities.
    Since no information was given by you in this regard I am a bit confused.
    Thanking You

    1. In the mantra you have mentioned there are no such requirements. Where ever there are any such rules to be followed care is taken to indicate the same in the post; if not mentioned you can take it for granted that there is no other requirement.

  2. Thank You very much I am grateful to you for the information you have provided.

  3. Sir I have a general question about mantras I`ve heard people say that siddhi on any mantra can be attained only if the mantra is passed directly by a guru to you.
    Since I have no such spiritual teacher can you please tell me what should I do in such a case.
    Thanking You
    May the lord bless you

    1. There is no such thing. One can gain Siddhi by Sadhana. It depends upon who well tuned you are to the Sadhana.

  4. can you please answer my question?


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