Mantra Prayog To Make Impossible Possible

This is a Mantra Prayog to make things which appear impossible; possible. The Sadhana is also said to remove illness from the house, purifying the house of any harmful defects, difficulties of family members and helps in improving the condition of mentally weak or challenged children.

The Sadhana can be performed at on any day; preferably in the morning. Take a Copper Kalash and fill clean drinking water into it, so as to make it 3/4th full. Then take any Japa Mala and place most of the Mala in the water so that when you start the Japa, each one of the Beads will come out of the water one by one as you chant the mantra. It any be any short mantra of any deity like Shiva, Ganesha or Vishnu.

For those who do not have a preferred Mantra, they can chant the Surya Mantra - Om Hreem Suryaya Namah [ॐ ह्रीं सूर्याय नमः ].

The after completion of the Prayog, pour that water into your drinking water vessel so that each family member can drink it. If you find this Prayog useful, you can perform it once a week.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    How many times we have to chant the mantra?

    1. 1 Mala, 108 times to chant the mantrs

    2. Hello Sir!
      My lover done a Vidhi(pooja) which been suggested by their family Maharaj. And he told that after that pooja he'll give something which I have to keep it with me, which can help to make my family agree for my lover. She got that thing, it looks like a legs of a bird. Could you please suggest me that, should I keep it with me? Because I don't like to do any kind of Black magic or Tantrik Shakti to my family. I can loose everything to keep my family safe and happy. Please advise.
      Thank you!

    3. Dear Sir!
      I need to know about a thing. Actually my lover been to a jyotish to ask about our marriage, as my family is not accepting my lover as my wife. Therefore Jyotish Ji suggested to my lover that, she need to get a Pooja done and then I'll give you something which she has to give me. She done that, she been told that pooja should done in Ujjain. She gave me one thing which looks like legs of a bird. Could you please guide me, is this a black magic? I don't want to do any kind of Black majic or Tantrik things to my family at any cost. So please advise me what is this thing and should I keep this or not?
      Thank you!

  2. Dear Neel Sir,
    How do we make things impossible possible with the mantra? You only mentioned drinking the infused water; what if I would like a goal like vashikaran purpose on someone particular? It's not mentioned at all in the post. Please kindly give an answer. Thanks a lot.

    1. This is a different kind of Sadhana and differs from the Vashikaran or Mohini Mantra Tantra.
      It can be used for the purposes mentioned in the post.

  3. Guruji,
    One of my Elder Brother had left the family long back say 15years. Some relatives saying He's alive in Mumbai or some city, but some people tell me He's not Alive. If he lives, I'd like to bring him back to my home along with his family. Is the above mantra work for my wish to rejoin, else please help me provide any mantra..

    1. The above Mantra can surely help you, so if you wish you can try the Mantra Sadhana.

  4. Hello master Neel, good day.

    Sir my court case will proceed soon. thanks to the success mantra. However they are going to put me into special classes where they will talk about their religion and make me like their religion . I don't want to attend the classes. I just want back my identiti. Please advise.

    1. You can continue with this Mantra as before.

  5. Sir, pls tell me can i control my lover with this mantra? Pls help me


  7. I m facing problems in family and office. Plz suggest.

  8. sir
    can I make tatoo. Of mantra

  9. Dear Neel Sir can I chant this mantra to get the permanent job , I am in real need of it.
    Please suggest Sir, Thanking you.

  10. guruji...
    mera love karta hu ek ladaki se usase love marrage bhi k chupake
    or now we have face many problem..
    ladaki maa baap mere agains he..
    to me konsa matra karu ...

  11. Sir,
    How to know if a person is possessed by evil spirt or jinn just by looking.

  12. Can someone help me with a PDF of kaak tantra?email me at

  13. i am suffering from slipdisk from last 6 years so can i chant hanumanji or shri ram mantra and try this prayog

  14. Sir? Can i use it to get my lost love back? And can i use a copper bowl instead of kalash? Plz help me sir.

  15. Tambe ke bartan teen chauthai 3/4 bharkar rakhna hai adhiktam mala pani ke andar dalna hai aur kuchch pani ke bahar rakhakar jaap shuru karna mala dhire dhire jaap ke dauran bahar aata jayega aur mantra...
    Mantra koi bhi jo best lage padh sakte hai na mai om hum hanumate rudratmakay hoom phat ka jaap kar sakta hu...
    Kya isase bhi impossible possible ho jayega...
    Pura uttara dene ki kripa kare...


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