Finding Coins indicates the Arrival of Laxmi

There are certain paranormal beliefs in India, which are said to indicate the possible arrival of the Goddess of wealth Laxmi Mata. Among these beliefs are certain circumstances in which you find a coin or excess money comes your way, by some mistake.

 In this post, I have given two such circumstances, which come your way by accident and the procedure to be followed as per the Indian Paranormal Tantra to ensure that you are successful in taking the full advantage and make the most of the opportunity to attract money and wealth, which is coming in your direction.

If you come across a coin which has fallen down on the ground or in any other place in a religious place, like a temple, a place of pilgrimage or any other holy and spiritual place, pick it up without a second thought. Bring that coin home and worship it by offering it Dhoop, Deep and a Diya of Oil. Then wrap the coin in a Yellow or Red colored Silk Cloth and keep it in the place where you normally keep your money. It can also be kept in the purse or wallet.

If you find a coin on any Friday or if by mistake you get more money through a money transaction, including a shopkeeper, giving you excess money by mistake, do not return the excess money.  Bring it home and worship and keep the excess money by following the same method as mentioned in the paranormal remedy given above. The excess money can be returned on the next day.

Avoid giving any loan or credit to anyone, the Tantra says that it might not be possible to recover that money.

The purpose of writing this article is not to spread superstition and blind faith but to highlight and give interesting information about what Hindu Tantric Texts indicate about these matters.

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  1. Dear Sir i have received excess money in transaction by mistake but it got credited in my bank account directly,Please advice Should I withdraw only the excess amount and do the the sadhana.
    Please reply Gurujee.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It applies to both the excess money deposited in the Bank and also fallen currency notes.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I think in last paragraph of avoid giving loan or credit to anyone I think you forgot to mention particular day to avoid giving loan.
    Kindly check.


  4. It is for the same day, which is Friday.

  5. Sir, I have found a coin on road which I picked up and brought home and thereafter I worshipped it by Dhoop and Deep ( of desi ghee). Sir I need your valuable advice on following issues
    1) In the post, it has also been mentioned that diya of oil. I had not lit any diya of oil as I felt that deep and diya are basically same. Sir , was I right ?
    2) After the worship, my coin is lying in puja Ghar for the last 5 days as I could not arrange silk cloth. Today I had purchased red silk cloth.Sir, do the gap of these 5 days in worship and wrapping in silk cloth has any impact on the result of remedy ?
    3)Suppose I find a coin(s) again in future,can I keep multiple coins in locker after following the steps , in post, each time ?
    4)Even otherwise, should the coin (s) be kept for ever ?

    1. Ghee Deep is all right and can easily replace an Oil Lamp.
      Yes, you can perform the remedy as mentioned in the post there will be no problem.
      The same remedy can be repeated if coins are found in future.
      The coins can be kept forever, if you do not wish to keep them you can always immerse them in water.

  6. Thankyou Sir. You have always prove as a spiritual and motivational help to me in my difficult times.

  7. Dear Sir, I have a question. Last night I my dream I saw myself picking up a coin. Like a Rs.25 Coin or a Rs 40 coin I'm not sure. As it is, the Indian rupee coin with the highest denomination is still Rs. 20. Anyways, I saw the coin fallen on the road just like u mentioned in the above post. But this happened in my dream. Please tell me what does this symbolize?


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