Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mantra - Future Whispered in Ear

This is a future knowing mantra practised to invoke the Vaak Yakshini to whisper in your ear about the events that are going to happen in the future. The available scriptures on Tantra do not have any information on this Yakshini. This information on this Sadhana was given to me some time back by a Tantrik which I am placing here.

The functions of this Yakshini appear to be almost the same as the Karna Pishachini Yakshini. However the word Vaak is suggestive of the “the spoken word coming true”. This implies that whatever is whispered in your ear will come true.

The Sadhana is as with most Yakshini Sadhanas, Aghori and the Sadhak has to chant this mantra 1000 times daily till the day he achieves success. Other than the chanting, there are no other rules prescribed for this Sadhana;

Vaak Yakshini Mantra for Future Whispered in Ear
Mantra - Future Whispered in Ear


  1. sir this mantra s ure vaak akshini and in this word
    is say om hreem cha chah swaha in this mantra he ord cha is righ or chaa is right to say

    1. cha is right and chah is also right. chah is like how you pronounce namah

  2. some ypes of rumors about karn pichachini or vaak yashini. they both some bad behaive with us in night.what about that ? please tell me i m confuse.

  3. Dear sir,
    Once if i have succeeded this task, will i be only hearing a voice or i can ask question and answers to the voice.


  4. Sir Agr hum daily ish mantra ko AUM HREEM CHA CHHA SWAHA.. 1000daily chant kare to kya Hume vidhya prapt hogi aur kya humko apne ear prr kuch lagana bhi hota hai


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