Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Powerful Vishnu Mantra for Success

A most powerful Mantra Sadhana to invoke Vishnu is given here. This Sadhana is performed to gain all round success,  happiness and contentment in life. It must also be remembered that whenever you pray to Vishnu, you are automatically incurring the blessings of Laxmi as well. The practice given here is Satvik in nature and does not work if performed with malefic intentions.

This Sadhana is performed in the morning after the completion of the morning chores. Take some White Sesame Seeds and Milk, separately and offer it to the trunk of a Peepal Tree. After doing this chant the mantra which I have given here once.

The Sadhana can be continued everyday or once a week on Fridays. Ladies who wish to practice the Sadhana should discontinue it during their Monthly Periods as this is a Satvik Sadhana.

The Hayagriva Avatar of Vishnu ; the God of Higher Wisdom is sought to be invoked here by doing this Sadhana.

A Vishnu Mantra dedicated to the Hayagriva Avatar
Powerful Vishnu Mantra for Success


  1. I don't have a peepal tree nearby. What can I do in this case.


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  3. can we use black sesame seeds if don't have white ones

  4. Neelji please publish extremely powerful mantras to recover money from people who owe us money. Especially people who owe us money and are having money but do not have the intension to return us our own money to us.


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