Mantra for Vision of Mother Goddess

A unique Shakti Mantra Sadhana dedicated to the Mother Goddess which is practiced to have a Darshan [Vision] of the Mother Goddess. The mantra implores the Mother Goddess Ambe Mata or Bhavani Mata; who mounts a lion to manifest before the devotee and give him a Vision which will remove all his sorrows for ever.

The Mother Goddess; the Adi Shakti is the Universal power from which the whole of creation has emerged. Since time immemorial sages and saints have strived to have a glimpse of this Ultimate power; the source of creation.

The Shakti Mantra which I have given has to be chanted at a fixed time either during the day or night for 7 Malas or 756chants while holding five scented flowers in your hand. There after when the chanting is complete, the flowers have to be offered to the image or idol of the Divine Mother in your home.

Hindu Mantra Chant for Vision of Mother Goddess
Mantra for Vision of Mother Goddess

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  1. for how many days we have to do this process? 21 days, 41 days?

    1. It depends upon you there is no fixed time limit

  2. Dear Sir,

    We have to chant 7 malas daily without break OR like 1 mala on each day till 7 days, after completion of 768 on 7th day it is complete? Since I am planning to do this in coming Navratri.

    Kindly reply.

    Thanks !

    1. The Mantra has to be chanted for 7 Malas without a break for 1 day.

  3. Is there any mantra for Lord Ganesha or Lord Shiva vision in dream

  4. Dear neel ji
    Can we use durga maa photo and dedicate this mantra to her

    1. Amba Mata is a roop or form of Dugra, these is no need to use a photo, while practicing the Mantra.

  5. Then where we have to offer the flowers
    And which flowers to use after that what to do with the flowers

    1. You can offer any kind of pleasant flowers to the photo in your home or puja place.

    2. it will take a couple of hours but we can't sit in any position for more than 20 minutes.paer so jate h sir kya kare??

  6. Can I do this jao on this chandragrahan

  7. Dear neel sir
    What to do with flowers after offering
    Cant to visarjan in river so what can be done
    scented flowers means smelling flowers
    Pls reply


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