Monday, September 5, 2011

Meaning of the Moles located on various Body parts

In my last post I had given the Meaning of Moles located on the Face, now in this post I am giving information about the meaning of the moles located on various parts of the body.

Moles on the neck indicate a calm and composed nature. The person is likely to gain windfalls. He is likely to be of a sickly nature. His children are likely to squander away his wealth; hence chances of Bankruptcy are high. 

A mole on the wrist indicates a hardworking and pleasant disposition. If this person is a male then there are chances of two marriages.

Moles on the forearm indicate a courageous nature and someone who will overcome difficulties.If this person is a male then the chances of him becoming a widower around the age of 40 are high. If female then chances of her dying before her husband are higher.

A mole on the left shoulder indicates average success in business.

A mole on the right shoulder indicates a lot of wealth and traveling.

Mole on the right thigh indicates a successful life. Such a person will get a lot of money from his/her father in-law.

Mole on the left thigh indicates a life of hardship. A person having an untrustworthy nature. Such a person will come into trouble due to his/her friends.

Moles on any of the legs indicate a spendthrift and slow nature. Such a person will overcome difficulties.

Note – Please keep in mind that article has been written for information and educational purposes only.

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  1. How about a mole in under chin? Is that lucky or unlucky? And what does it stat?


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