Yantra to Destroy Sexual Desire

The Yantra described below in this post, which has been sent by Piyush Jaiswal is used for the specific purpose of destroying the desire of having sexual intercourse. This Yantra should be especially useful from those Sadhaks who are engaged in various Mantra Sadhana, which require them to strictly refrain from engaging in any kind of sexual activity during the period of the Mantra Experiment. It could also be useful to those persons whose minds are hyperactive active about anything to do with sex and are all the time thinking about this topic.

By Piyush Jaiswal
The following Yantra is used to destroy the desire for indulging in sexual intercourse in a person, as long as it is kept with the person.

Procedure to make Yantra:
Write the Yantra on Bhojpatra with Ashta-gandha on the day ruled by Pushya nakshatra, which is the constellation of Delta Cancri.

Then after preparing the Yantra, it can be worn in a Tawiz, around the arm or the neck like a talisman.
The Yantra has to be drawn exactly as described by me and there is no scope for any change.

Hindu Charm to Destroy Sexual Desire
Yantra to Destroy Sexual Desire

Note- Pushya nakshatra is going to be the ruling Nakshatra from 11th May 2016 to 12th May 2016, that is in the coming Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

The exact timings of the Pushya Nakshatra are from10:24 PM, of the night of 11th May until 10:44 PM on the 12th of May.

In the period of the Pushya Nakshatra there is an even more auspicious Hindu Astrological Shubh Muhurat called the Guru Pushya Amrit Yog, which lasts from the Sunrise to 10:44 PM of 12th May.


  1. No, ashta gandha and bhojpatra have to be used. Go into any shop which sells puja or yagya items,you will get the ready made items there.

  2. Neel sir , i missed a very crucial point. This has to be written with a pomegranate stick or pen of the respective size.

  3. Dear Piyush,
    Is it ok if i write the yantra on simple White paper by normal ball pen in pushya nakshatra & then keep it in purse/pocket?
    Pls revert

    1. Ashta gandha,pomegranate pen and bhojpatra are must requirements.These things attraft devtas, do you think any satvik or even tamsik deity would get pleased with simple pen and paper? It most likely won't work.

    2. Pushya nakshatra comes every month.So if you are not able fetch up items,then you can collect the items while awaiting the next nakshatra of pushya.

      Google "Pushya nakshatra in 2016" for getting the dates of each month.

  4. Please take note everyone:

    You have to use a pomegranate pen( anaar kalam) to write the yantra. You will get it easily in a shop which sells yagya-hawan items.

  5. Thanks piyush, i will use anaar ki kalam. Pls tell me can i write on plain white paper & keep in purse/pocket.

    1. You will have to draw the yantra on bhojpatra only, with ashta gandha as ink and anaar kalam as pen.
      The time and day,you write , must be ruled by Pushya nakshatra.
      All these items can be found in a puja shop which sells yagya-hawan items.

  6. piyush bhai es yantra ko dharan karnea kea ketne time baad asar dhek na suru ho jata hea aur agar ham fer sea sex ki desire jaghna cahyea to keasea jagayea krupa javab dejea

  7. Jab tak paas rakhoge tab tak asar ragega.hata dene pe asar khatam ho jayega

    1. Which locket(tabeez) we have to use copper or silver ? ... do we have to do some puja like showing doop diya ????
      N thank u for ur post...

  8. Sr ! what if i write this yantra on some METAL

  9. Can this be used for someone else? How effective will that be?

  10. Namaste Guruji does this yantra have to be written by one's own hand or will it work if drawn for someone else to wear it? Thank you


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