Traditional Indian Remedies for Thyroid Problems

In this post are given certain traditional Indian paranormal remedies to get relief and cure any diseases and problems relating to the Thyroid Gland.  Any one or more of the four different remedies given below can be practiced.

On any Thursday or Saturday, offering a Diya of Pure Ghee to a Peepal tree [Sacred Fig tree] is said to cure Thyroid problems.

On any Wednesday bring home a piece of the root of the Sahadevi Herb [Ash colored fleabane], clean and worship it by offering it Incense and then tie a yellow colored string over it so that the root is completely wrapped inside the string. Then wear it like a healing charm around the neck, using a yellow colored string.

An astrological remedy to cure Thyroid problems is to regularly have a Darshan [ look with devotion ] of an energized Guru Yantra or keep the Guru Yantra on the body.

Another astrological remedy for curing Thyroid related problems is to wear a Yellow Sapphire or a Yellow Hakik embedded in a Ashtadhatu [alloy of eight different metals]  ring or a ring with the Cats Eye [ Lehsunia or Vaiduria in Hindi] embedded in a Silver ring.

Note- These remedies are nor meant to be replacement for any medical treatment and are harmless and can be practiced side by side along with any medical treatment.

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  1. Can these remedies work for Parathyroid problem also.

    1. You can practice the Remedies for Parathyroid along with the regular medication.

  2. My logic of requesting for your opinion was that in the aforementioned post , the remedy is for Thyroid and not Parathyroid. Both are different medically.

    1. I have not come across a specific remedy for Parathyroid, but as the Parathyroid and Thyroid Glands are located in close proximity and related, it is possible that these general remedies could work for Parathyroid related ailments.

  3. It is easy to note the particular aspect of some people who draw our attention to the presence of prominent eyeballs, almost out of their sockets. Their gaze is fixed, shiny, lids are removed, and the eyes are irritated. This condition, called exophthalmos or exophthalmia can occur most frequently in association with thyroid disorders.alternative thyroid remedies

  4. In which finger i should wear lahsiniya ring in silver and on which day it should wear

    1. Middle or Ring Finger of the hand used by you on a Tuesday is preferred.


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