Mantra for severe Gas problems

This is a Shaabri Health Mantra for severe Gas problems. There is no need to acquire Siddhi [Mastery] over this mantra.

This experiment has to be practiced either on a Sunday or a Tuesday. The patient has to be seated before you and you must recite this Mantra and touch his stomach with a knife. Then you must draw a line with the knife on the ground. This procedure has to be repeated 21 times. You can repeat the entire experiment for three days.

This is said to remove the accumulated Gas from the stomach of the patient and give him relief.

Om namo kali kankalini, nadi paar base Ismail jogi, lohe ka kachhouta kaati kaati lohe ka gola kaati kaati ho sabdh sancha furo mantra ishwari vaacha ll
ॐ नमो काली कंकालिनी, नदी पार बसे इस्माईल जोगी, लोहे का कछौटा काटि काटि लोहे का गोला काटि काटि हो शब्द सांचा फ़ुरो मंत्र इश्वरो वाचा ll

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  1. Can one attempt this on himself?

  2. Gurujee is it necessary to repeat the sadhana for three days and can i attempt this on me as I suffer with gas pain very frequently.
    If i commence this sadhana on tuesday then have I to continue on tue, wed, thur or is it i to be continued three tuesdays. Thankyou

  3. sir can this mantra b practised on self procedure pl

  4. To all the above who have asked - the patient can practice this Mantra Prayoga on himself by following the same steps given in the article.

  5. Sir, I am doing the above mantra for my mother. I have doubt please clarify please. Mom is sitting in front of me, I must hold knife in my hand, chant mantra then touch it on her stomach & draw line on ground OR should I hold the knife on her stomach & chant the mantra & then draw line on ground? Pl reply which is correct.

    1. Hold the knife in your hand chant the Mantra and touch it on her stomach and then draw a line on the ground, do this 21 times.


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