Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vedic Mantra for Hair Growth

This verse from the Atharva Veda is often prescribed as a Hair Healing Mantra, which is chanted to promote hair regrowth, prevent hair loss, prevent pre-mature greying of the hair, cure baldness and make the hair thick, long, black, glowing, attractive and beautiful. Even though, I have personally not witnessed this Healing Hindu Vedic Mantra in action, I will explain the most simple and easy procedure to use it to resolve hair related problems, diseases and ailments.

The Mantra Experiment is as mentioned above most simple, it can be performed on any day and all that that the practitioner has to do is to infuse the hair oil, which he uses with the power and potency of this Vedic Verse. This should be done by taking the hair oil bottle in the right and chanting this Vedic Mantra shown in the image, which is given here 108 times. Any counting rosary can be used for keeping track over the number of Mantra Repetitions.

Vedic Mantra for Hair Growth

The Mantra Prayoga is for one hair oil bottle and should be repeated every time before using a new hair oil bottle. Hair Oil in the context of this Mantra includes any kind of medicine or tonic or hair application, which is being used by the practitioner to resolve his or her hair related problems.

Another Mantra for somewhat similar hair related problems can be seen in this Post - Here

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  1. Respected Sir,

    Thank you for posting this article.I am in desperate need of a solution for hair problems.I am grateful to you for posting this.

  2. Is it that 10 times for one bottle or 108 times each time I apply oil?

  3. Is it not that the bindu be specified as the sound 'ang' as aginst 'am'. Like for example , you have specified words as like 'imam', 'samyuktam'. Should it not be 'imang', 'sangyuktang'? Please help.

  4. Can this mantra be used before every oil application by holding it in the right hand?

    1. The translations from Sanskrit to English are correct, however, if there is ant confusion in your mind always refer to the Devnagri versions.
      You can use the Mantra as desired by you, but you have to infuse it 108 times as mentioned in the article.

  5. Please help. Should the mantra be chanted everytime i apply from the same bottle? Or once for one bottle and no need to chant again until i get a new bottle?

    1. Once the Hair Oil Bottle has been infused with the Mantra, there is no need to chant the Mantra every time the Oil from that bottle is used.

  6. could you please give the name of this manthra?


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