Monday, June 17, 2013

Mantra to Attract Flow of Money

This is a Mantra Prayog to attract the flow of money and wealth to your home.  This experiment has to be conducted during the period of the Rohini Nakshatra [Aldebaran}.

For this you need to bring home a Banda or a parasite tree or plant which is growing out of an Udumbara tree; known in English as the Cluster Fig Tree. 

This plant has to be infused by the money mantra given below by chanting it 108 times. And then planted in the home.

This plant is considered as being most auspicious in attracting money, wealth and abundance to your house.

An experiment to attract money using a wealth mantra
Mantra to Attract Flow of Money


  1. Namastey Guruji..

    is there any alternative trees.....

  2. we have to bring cluster fig tree or the plant grown on that tree?
    please reply

    1. No only the parasite plant growing out of the Cluster Fig Tree.

  3. neel n sir no mantra for pitra dosh

  4. hi please tell mantra to increase patience

  5. Dear Sir
    I appreciate ur way of working , a very usefull site
    Thanks a lot

    What we have to do of banda in home.

    Anil Tanwar Chandigarh

  6. Hello Sir,

    Great job on the website full of useful mantras!! I have one question.

    Do I need to recite the word "Mantra" as well? For example should I recite the following as it is "Mantra Om Namo Dhanaayai Swaha". Or should I omit the word "Mantra"?

    Thank you for your valuable time and effort.


  7. can you please upload the picture of the plant or the tree

  8. What is cluster fig tree in hindi

  9. Namaste Guru Ji
    Thanku for creating this site pl provide the mantra for fitness, wellness, happiness & wealth for effective for my family and me i love my parents and my sister is doing ca but she cant do .

    Thanks & Regards
    Khushbu Gupta


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