Saturday, January 12, 2013

Narasimha mantra to remove black magic

The traditional Indian science of Mantras and Tantras recognizes the use of Black magic through various paranormal means; including the use of spirits like Rakshakas, Baital, Pret Atmas and other mystical entities like the Dakini and Pretini. Hence I am giving this Narasimha mantra to remove black magic.

The Sadhana is easy – Sprinkle water on the idol of Narasimha with a Chameli [Jasmine] flower; while chanting this mantra. Do this 23 times in all. This is done to invoke Narasimha to exorcise the Black magic from the possessed person using this simple exorcism rite.

 Narasimha mantra to remove black magic


  1. hello guruji mere bhai ko muscles stiffness ka problem hai. 1bar voh kolhapur ke pas viran khandahar mai gaya tha aur usi samay se ye problem shuru hua. Aaj tak koi treatment kam nahi aai. Sare reports normal ate hai. Doctors bhi samaz nahi paye ki hua kya hai. Aap koi upay bataye please.

    1. आप अपने घर में नरसिंह भगवान् की मूर्ती स्थापित कीजिये और उनपे रोजाना बर्फीला पानी और तुलसी चढ़ाइए और उनकी आराधना कीजिये , सारे कष्ट भूत प्रेत बुरे साए ख़त्म हो जायेंगे | भगवन नरसिंह की शक्ति अपरम्पार है ,नरसिंह जी की पूजा मासिक धर्म के दौरान भी की जा सकती है |

  2. my friend was suffering with lot of issue in job , money , property,and marriage issue and i came to know that his close relative has done for him and i cannot tell him as he does not believe all this.
    so i want to use your upay to help him.
    can i use his photo and ow to help him..
    and i feel once is relieved then i can tell him and make him understand as he is under the spell now and cannot understand the situation. please advise

    1. Angalaparameshwari god , Kalavai, vellore district, tamilnadu. A 155 years old temple of Angalaparameshwari god( god shakthi) is very powerful god to clear all types of negative energy with free of cost.Her job is to clear all negative energy from human body and purify their soul who visit and stay in this temple.more details visit this video link...
      Video link:
      Kalavai Sri Angaalaparameshwari Temple www.youtube.com
      Kalavai Angalamman Temple special edition-sun tv Alaya vazhipadu www.youtube.com

  3. hi my name is vishal me from delhi i feel lot of pain in my head and feel like killing myself or someone killng me big time . its kinda different kinds of waves hits my mind and i became angry.My aunty is taking benifit from it and trying to throw me out of this house

  4. If anyone is suffering from the bad affects of black magic, then first and foremost thing is that he should have faith on God and then he should take help from any person , who have great knowledge to make you free from all these spell.

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