Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dattatreya Mantra to remove past life sins

Various remedies in the form of unique mantras are prescribed in the Hindu religion for a large number of problems; some of a material nature and other paranormal in nature.

This is a Dattatreya mantra for removing past life sins. This is a unique mantra prescribed by the practitioners of the paranormal for those whom they feel have committed sins in their past lives and those sins have to be eradicated. This Dattatreya mantra is a Shloka in the form of a mantra called Mantratmak Shlokas.

This Mantra is prescribed to be recited 108 times daily in the morning till the practitioner feels that the past life sins have been eradicated.

Guru Dattatreya Mantra to remove past life sins
Mantra to remove past life sins

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  1. Replies
    1. Don't mind but do you believe in this being a Muslim? If yes, how did reach up this consensus that it is true? Any story? Would love to know.

  2. is there any rule or diksha is necessary for reciting this mantra guru ji

    1. Diksha ki zaroorat nahi hai, keval Dattatreya Bhagwan par shraddha rakhni hai.

  3. guru ji jaisa ismey likha hai (paranormal in nature) matlab agar iska jaap karey to kya kisi sadhna key doraan hui galti bhi thik ki ja sakti hai mera matlab aghor sadhna sey hai? kripya marg darshan karein dhanyawaad

  4. dear sir namastey (paranormal in nature) jaisa iss post mein likha hai matlab agar iss mantra ka jaap karey to kisi aghor sadhna mein ki gayi galti ko bhi thik kiya jaa sakta hai , kya yeh sambhav hai?

    1. Yes, Dattatreya mantras are Satvik and can release you from any sins; including those mistakes made during Aghor Sadhanas.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Can we read this mantra in afternoon or any other time?

    1. If not the morning then you can chant it before going to bed

  6. Dear Neel,

    First , thank you and congratulate you for such a good initiative in bringing about various mantras and its power. It takes one to the path of Bhakthi which leads to the ultimate reasoning and knowledge a human being can attain.

    Let me jump to my query, its about past life sins and its parikara now to subdue its effect. You have given the Dattatreya Mantra to remove past life sins.

    But, is there any mantra that will not subdue the sins committed (past or present) but when recited will punish us for all the sins as of now so that we get cleansed of all sins and find a way to purity and liberation. My understanding on past life on bad or good karma or present life sins is that one should fully accept and should, in harsh terms, suffer for it and get it balanced.
    Subduing the effect is in no way going to balance sins committed. Hence this question.

    1. The Dattatreya Mantra does not suppress past life sins but frees one from the after-effects of sins committed in the past.

  7. Guru ji,
    my father[Abhay kr. 25/02/1960 #08:00AM, Motihari,BIHAR] have very dangerous 'Kaalsarp yog' in their horoscope( due to which me (his son=Pallav kr. 11/02/1994 #06:46PM @Motihari,BIHAR] spending life with very deadly-equal agonies for very long times.., after being good in education I'm finding too much obstructions n barrier in study nd in everything attempting for success..., i'm also suffering with hence highly mental depressions,stresses, tensions,. As
    I cann't get higher education so as it obstructs me to think higher...consequently, it creates highly depression, stress,tension frustration..., due to infinite-unsuccess.

    MY QUES. IS=
    the planetary evil-effect in ours life is the result of the past-life sin . So can my father practice this one ??
    And also HOW TO Change the malefic effects of the planet into its Auspicious results...? I mean when we perform any puja for the malefic-planet we'r jst doing what is to Neutralise their effect n reduce it but my demand is for more than of their Nutralisation i.e., to make it an auspicious one?

    1. This is a good mantra which you have selected, your father can chant this mantra 108 times daily after his morning bath.

  8. dear sir,
    can this mantra remove our present life sins also.

    1. Yes. this Dattatreya Mantra will also get rid of any sins, which you have committed in this life.

  9. Sir u given the miracle mantra Because every human being in 2days life not happy due to present or past karmas and most important is if he/she goes to any one get out of this in majority case spend huge money and lot of things they told to do and final NOT getting 100% result.. My question is really man can get relief from his past/ present sins with any suffering & maximum period to get out of this sins (doing regularly) by this mantra....thanks for all your valuable advised that make our life happy ...


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